It is a delight for anyone to graduate from college. It was especially a delight when the public learned that a 92-year-old South Carolina woman graduated. Annie Dillard decided to go back to college five years ago when she was 87 years old.

She graduated from Midlands Tech, a two-year college in Columbia, South Carolina. She received an Associates of Liberal Arts degree, according to WLTX-TV. It took her more than two years to graduate because she still works. She studied while working as a cosmetologist at the hair salon that she started 30 years ago.

When she graduated on Wednesday, May 9, the school let her lead the procession, and she was the first to cross the stage to get her degree.

Decision to go to college

Dillard said she decided to return to college because she wanted to learn more about what is going on in the world today. She also wanted to be around some of the 16,000 old and young students at the college She added that this is an automated world, and if she had stayed at home just watching television she wouldn't have been learned what she did.

Fourth college degree

Dillard is no stranger to college life. Her recent degree is her fourth one. She earned a bachelor's degree from Allen University in the 1960s. She plans to return to college to get another degree two weeks from now. If it takes her five years to get another degree, she will be 97 years old when she graduates.

She doesn't mind because she is not ready to stop learning.

Midlands Tech was excited and honored to have Dillard graduate because she is the oldest person who has ever done so in the history of the school.

The widow and mother of a daughter who is a doctor is a great inspiration for others. She says you can make it if you try, but you have to start somewhere.

Dillard is active outside of the classroom. She is a very good bowler on a bowling team.

Other older graduates

It is definitely remarkable that Dillard graduated at 92, but there have been some graduates who were older. Every year around this time of the year, newspapers are full of announcements about older people who have graduated from high school and college.

According to online reports and YouTube videos, the oldest graduate was 105 years old. It goes to show that people should never give up on their dream because it can be fulfilled if they keep at it.

Do you know anyone as old as Annie Dillard who has graduated from high school or college? Don't you find her story very inspirational?