Military exercises have put pressure on President Trump and Kim Jong-un's June 12 summit in Singapore. North Korea fired off a series of remarks urging the US to tread carefully when dealing with South Korea. North Korea has threatened to cancel the summit because of what they call "provocative military disturbances," according to North Korean officials, and have canceled a meeting with South Korean officials. A report by CNN was used for most of the information presented in this article.

Things were looking up with North and South Korea after the 2018 Winter Olympics when both countries walked side by side to during competitions.

After talks in April between North and South Korea, there seemed to be new hope of possible peace between the two countries that have been at odds for over 70 years after World War II, when the Empire of Japan's 35-year rule ended over Korea in 1945. A groundbreaking summit took place in April when Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in met and were photographed even shaking hands as they finished their talks on what the next steps for peace between the two countries were.

President Trump and 'Max Thunder'

President Trump had been moving mountains when it came to dealing with North Korea, talking about the solution to disarming nuclear weapons and suspending all nuclear tests. North Korean military personnel were even seen on satellite dismantling a nuclear testing site.

The KCNA, or Korean Central News Agency, reported earlier that the "Max Thunder" drills, which were between South Korea and the United States Air Force were a threat to North Korea and as the Korean Central News Agency remarked, "A rehearsal for an invasion of North Korea." The "Max Thunder" drills involved about a thousand United States military persons and approximately 500 South Korean personnel as well.

President Trump and White House officials preparing a statement

President Trump is currently preparing a statement on what the warning, or rather, threat from North Korea means for the United States and how he and the White House officials are prepared to deal with this kind of situation. Anthony Ruggiero told CNN officials that President Trump and other head officials need to stand firm with North Korea and remind them that with the cancellation of the summit, the US will tighten its restrictions on the country. As for the fate of peace between North Korea and South Korea, tensions are high and the situation remains unclear as for now