It hasn't been easy for Melania Trump to step into the role of America's first lady as the media seems to run a constant campaign to break her family apart. With that said, you might think that her predecessor would do something to make White House life just a little bit easier for Melania, but that doesn't appear to be happening.

Michelle Obama recently referred to herself as "America's Forever First Lady" and while she does have some fans out there who might agree, there is a new first lady, Melania Trump, who has been struggling in that role.

This sudden declaration went over like a lead balloon for some people.

A little help would have been nice

When Melania was first handed the role of the first lady of the land, Michelle Obama was there and offered any help she could give to make the transition a bit easier. Michelle Obama has not addressed the masses on behalf of the woman who has taken over Michelle's last public role despite the struggle she's been through.

With all the nasty comments and humiliating rumors that are constantly in the headlines, a few kind words about Melania and an attempt to condemn the horrific treatment she gets from the press might go a long way.

Instead, Michelle Obama deemed herself "America's Forever First Lady," which didn't seem to leave any room in that title for Melania Trump.

So where does this leave Melania?

According to the Daily Caller, some folks took Michelle's "forever first lady" remark as disrespectful to Melania Trump, who is the current first lady.

Not to mention that Michelle Obama is not the only past first lady still living today and this "forever first lady" claim can be seen as disrespect to the other women who have held that position.

The Daily Caller reminded their readers that there is Laura Bush, who was adored by many and Hillary Clinton, who has a following of her own.

The late Barbara Bush is also a favorite among the modern-day first ladies.

Who is the favorite today?

To find out for themselves just who is considered America's favorite first lady, the Daily Caller conducted a poll. As of Friday afternoon, Melania is in the number one spot, with Laura Bush in second place, Barbara Bush in third, and Hillary Clinton sitting in fourth place. Michelle Obama is in the fifth spot, which is the last place in the poll.

Toot your own horn?

It was during a "stirring speech" that Michelle delivered this week that she deemed herself the "forever first lady." She made this speech to a group of high school students in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

According to The Root, the moniker she embraced, "America's Forever First Lady," received a "thunderous" round of applause from the 8,000 students in attendance.

Just like me

In this rather inspirational speech, Michelle told the crowd that they have everything it takes for them to succeed. She then said, "I know that you are me." She also told the crowd that because she was standing there as "America's forever first lady," she knew they could go out and do anything they put their mind to. Roaring cheers ensued.