Michael Cohen, the embattled former attorney to United States President Donald Trump, is being accused of requesting a $100 million bribe from Qatari officials during a meeting just weeks after Trump won the presidency. The payment, according to Daily Mail, was to be funneled to members of Trump's family.

Ahmed Al-Rumaihi, a former diplomat who now runs a $100 billion investment fund, did not make the accusation himself. Instead, a Kuwaiti source claims Al-Rumaihi bragged to him after Cohen attempted to solicit the bribes, noting that he also was able to bribe former aide Michael Flynn and attempted to bribe another former cabinet member, Steve Bannon.

Blue chip prospects

According to recent disclosures made in Cohen's investigation, the attorney used his position close to Trump to benefit his personal career immensely. Cohen allegedly solicited numerous American companies to hire him for consulting services, with his main pitch being access to the president.

Companies like Uber and Ford were told that Cohen had the "best relationship with the president on the outside" and that they needed to hire him. While both companies declined the offer, AT&T and Novartis did briefly contract Cohen for his services, calling the move a mistake in hindsight.

Noose tightening

As the investigation into Trump's former aides and attorneys continues, it appears that where there is smoke there is fire.

Al-Rumaihi claimed that another one of Trump's former aides was easy to bribe, all but guaranteeing that money exchanged hands.

It is one thing when companies allege that they were solicited for bribes, but no actual bribe took place. It is a whole other story when the party who paid the bribe gleefully admits that they gave it to you.

While Al-Rumaihi's interest was in keeping his Kuwaiti contacts informed of his dealings as to not offend then, he inadvertently implicated Trump and his entire cabinet following the election.

The idea his personal attorney was soliciting bribes in the hundreds of millions of dollars mere weeks after the inauguration is beyond troubling.

If true, it paints a picture of a president whose only aspirations in being the president are to serve himself and his family, not the American public.

Opponents of Trump are still looking for the smoking gun that will bring about his impeachment. The alleged bribery of Cohen by Al-Rumaihi may have made impeachment all but inevitable.