Over the last year, the "Me Too" movement has become one of the biggest headlines in the news as women have come forward to expose decades of sexual misconduct in Hollywood and around the country by men in power. Due to Donald Trump's controversial history with women, the president has been linked to the movement, which appeared to backfire in the face of the Donald Jr.

Don Jr. on "Me Too"

One month before Election Day in 2016, the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape was released and revealed the private sexual thoughts of Donald Trump about a married woman.

In the weeks that followed, a dozen women came forward to accuse the former host of "The Apprentice" of various acts of sexual harassment and assault. Since then, women have exposed several high profiled men, including film producer Harvey Weinstein and comedian Bill Cosby, who was found guilty last week of three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

In recent months, Donald Trump has been dealing allegations that he cheated on his current wife Melania Trump with adult film star Stormy Daniels, adding even more fuel to the fire.

Fast forward to earlier this week when conservative commentary Candice Owens tweeted out about the increased popularity of the president among the African-American community, writing, "Black male approval for Donald Trump doubled over this past week. They love the way Candace Owens thinks," she wrote. In a post on May 3, Donald Trump Jr.

re-tweeted Owens' message, while using the hashtag "Me Too." As expected, the younger Trump's use of the hashtag didn't go over well with critics.

Twitter reacts

Responding to Donald Trump's use of "Me Too," those who oppose the commander in chief wasted not time firing back.

"I don't think you get to use the Me Too hashtag when your dad is one of the reasons it was created," one tweet read.

"Time to put Trump criminal family behind the bars!" a Twitter user wrote. "I thought you guys didn't care about 'Hollywood elites'?? Oh...u do when they agree. Ok, hypocrite," radio host Mike Wickett tweeted out. "You really don’t get the Me Too movement do you?" an additional post wondered.

"Ewwwwwwww you should never be allowed to hashtag that in your life!" a social media user wrote. "Trump men are such boars. So inappropriate and revel in being a**hats. Why would taunt the movement," a follow-up tweet added. The negative reaction continued as Donald Trump Jr. using the "Me Too" hashtag was clearly not well-received.