Michael Avenatti is the attorney for Stormy Daniels. She allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump years before he was elected to the office of the presidency. He also has a history with Rahm Emmanuel, the former President Barack Obama Chief of Staff and current mayor of Chicago. According to Business Insider he "worked for The Research Group, a campaign research firm founded by Rahm Emmanuel." The Stormy case involves a non-disclosure agreement signed by Michael Cohen, Trump's former personal attorney. He is suing both Trump and Cohen. He claims to have been paid from Daniels and from Crowd Justice.

Crowd Justice is a crowdsource site for legal services.

Payment to Michael Avenatti

Michael Avenatti claims that payment for his services came from Daniels and Crowd Justice. Stormy Daniels claims that she is not paying the bills. Her attorney says that she paid a small amount and the rest is coming from Crowd Justice, The Hill reported.

The Crowd Justice account has raised $477,525, as seen on Stormy Daniels Crowd Justice account. According to Stormy Daniels, this is strictly for her legal fund. The plan is to raise $850,000. They still have a long way to go.

David J. Morris tweeted that Michael Avenatti owed him $160,179 for coffee he purchased. Avenatti bought a string of coffeehouses with partner Patrick Dempsey.

That original tweet was deleted by Morris and his original tweet can be seen on Zero Hedge website. He responded in a later tweet that he deleted the tweet because they had come to an agreement.

Michael Avenatti's other legal issues

Michael Avenatti has multiple other legal issues, according to the Seattle Times.

He owes back taxes and multiple lawsuits from his failed coffee venture. He pays himself before he pays his taxes reported on Zero Hedge website. The coffee chain closed in March. In 2017, the chain of coffeehouses owed the IRS close to $5 million in back taxes as reported on Zero Hedge website. There are also about 46 lawsuits against the company.

He no longer owns the coffeehouses.

His partner to purchase the coffeehouses was Patrick Dempsey. Michael Avenatti was going to purchase the coffeehouses and Dempsey was going to help with promotion. Dempsey ended up suing Avenatti because he took out a loan for $2 million dollars to make the purchase as reported by Zero Hedge website. He did not disclose this loan to Dempsey. He sued to end their partnership and this case was settled out of court.

Michael Avenatti is currently under investigation by the California Bar Association. The complaint was filed by an attorney from Washington. He contested a suit against Michael Avenatti. The complaint focuses on the failure to pay taxes, payment obligations, and questionable billing practices about his law practice.

This is a lawyer that made news this week questioning another attorney's integrity.

Michael Avenatti's Treasury Department investigation

The Treasury Department's inspector general is investigated by Michael Avenatti. The big question is where he got the personal banking records for Michael Cohen. He should not have access to these types of records. He has not disclosed his source. His response to the question was stated as, “They can investigate all they want, but what they should be doing is releasing to the American public the three Suspicious Activity Reports filed on Michael Cohen’s account. Why are they hiding this information?,” according to the New York Post website. He did not answer the question but deflected to attack somebody else.

The attorney for Michael Cohen has filed a motion in their ongoing case to disclose the source of his material. They do not believe that he has possession of the documents. This ruling will be something to watch and see what response Michael Avenatti will produce.

Michael Avenatti has refuted that he is getting paid by a PAC or left-wing organization. The answer he provides for the source of the financial documents might lead to a better understanding of who is actually paying his retainer. Stormy Daniels has already stated that she is not paying the legal fees.

Michael Avenatti has a long history with the Democratic Party.

He helped Rahm Emmanuel and has worked on multiple democratic campaigns. He could be working for the Democrats or he might just be using the exposure of the case to help him get out of his debt. The real question that everyone should be asking is, "Who is paying Michael Avenatti?”