After going through several proceedings, which included a previous mistrial, Bill Cosby has finally now been given a guilty verdict by a jury. Cosby has been found guilty of three counts of aggravated Indecent Assault. The 80-year-old comedian was found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004. Cosby reportedly assaulted the victim at his home in a Philadelphia suburb. The latest trial also included the testimonies of five other women who were allegedly also assaulted by Cosby on different occasions.

Happy that it’s over

Shortly after the guilty verdict was announced, several accusers immediately celebrated outside the courtroom. Some Victims cried and hugged each other to express their joy over the decision. Cosby’s prosecutor, Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Kristen Feden, mentioned in an interview that he was “filled with awe” over the decision. Feden also expressed his elation for the victims and mentioned that he was proud of the women for speaking out against Cosby during the trials. The attorney also noted how each of the victims had to disclose some very personal details about their lives and how they had to answer difficult questions regarding the crimes that were committed against them.

An uphill battle

During the trial, Cosby's defense attorneys worked hard to discredit the victim’s testimonies by ruining their credibility and labeling them as “gold diggers” who were just after their client’s fortune. However, prosecutors were quick to point out that Cobsy was, in fact, the real con artist and that he has to answer for his crimes.

Cosby reportedly drugged and assaulted Constand, who was a former employee of the Temple University women's basketball team, after she visited him at his home 14 years ago to ask for advice. Constand told the police about the assault a year later.

What will happen to Bill Cosby?

Each count of aggravated indecent assault brings with it a maximum of 10 years in prison, which means that Cosby could be facing up to 30 years.

A sentencing hearing is currently being scheduled, but no details have yet been announced. Cosby is currently still out on bail, but he has been restricted from leaving his home. Prosecutors initially asked the court to revoke Cosby’s bail and stated that he was a flight risk. Since Cosby currently has several homes across different states, the Judge stated that Cosby has to be fitted with a GPS tracker if he wants to leave the state.