The Cosby Show had portrayed Bill Cosby as the dad of America. He had a very successful career as an actor. The veteran actor has become a complete media attraction with the trial of his case of sexual assaults which started on June 5, 2017. The Andrea Constant v. William H. Cosby, Jr is the lawsuit filed by Andrea Constand against Cosby. The case was filed by her in the year 2005 on an incident that happened in 2004.

How the Scandal Emerged?

Bill Cosby got in to the issue that has become a buzz in the media due to the documents in which there are very damaging admissions from him.

The Cosby Show star had to face a trial in the year 2005 when Andrea Constand filed lawsuit for sexually molesting her after drugging. Cosby has admitted that he had so many extramarital affairs and even have exploited many women for his sexual desires. He had prescriptions of Quaaludes which he used to give to the women with whom he wanted to have sex. Drugging women and groping them was a kind of crime pattern he was involved in. It did not reveal the details of the women but had clearly brought into light the negative side of The Cosby Show star.

The Andrea Constand v. William H. Cosby, Jr case was dismissed in the court as Constand and Cosby came into a mutual settlement. The document that was part of the deposition got sealed as the case was closed before the district court could decide whether the document should be sealed permanently or not.

It was in the year 2015 that District Court issued an order for unsealing the documents. It was publicized by the Associated Press, before Cosby filed an objection. The major media giants followed AP completely demolishing his image which even made a negative impact on his career.

Incident of Sexual Assault with Constand

Constand and Cosby met in Philadelphia in connection with the basketball game which was held at Alma Mater, Temple University.

Constand was responsible for handling the operations of the women’s team at Temple as director in charge.

Cosby has testified that Constand was a mentee and which made them have more interactions. In 2004, the Cosby show star invited her to his home. Both the parties have agreed on the fact that they were discussing about the career change that Constand was planning for herself.

She was planning to move completely out of sports and pursue her career in massage, following her father. It was during this conversations that she mentioned she gets stressed and drained emotionally due to the pressure she has on her regarding her career. Cosby gave her pills, assuring that they help in relaxing and calming her down. He had asked her to have the pills with wine. Few minutes after having the pills, Constand found herself feeling numb. The veteran actor exploited her condition and sexually assaulted her.

The Cosby Show star denied the allegations on him saying, it was a consensual sexual encounter.

After the document, that had recorded Cosby admitting his acts of drugging and having sex with women went viral, there were more than 50 cases that came up with women accusing Cosby for sexually exploiting them after drugging.

Cosby’s daughter Ensa Cosby has supported her father saying the whole scandal is made up for the fact that he is black.

“I believe that Racism has played a big role in all aspects of this scandal. How the charges came against him, how people believed them before they were ever scrutinized or tested, how people who questioned the claims were shut down and ignored.”, Ensa Cosby said.

In the trial that happened on June 5, Assistant District Attorney pointed out the way Cosby had assaulted Constand and his own statement is the valid proof for the same. Constand is supposed to testify in the court with another lady who had gone through a similar mishap with Cosby.

Defense attorney strongly denied the allegations on Cosby and also pointed out the inconsistencies in the statements of Constand.

He was trying to prove that Cosby and Constand were in a romantic relationship and even brought in to notice about the phone calls Constand has made to Cosby after the day on which the incident related with the case has happened.