After a four-day nationwide manhunt that began earlier in the week, the suspect in the murder of a Somerset County Sheriff's Corporal has finally been apprehended. According to CNN, more than 200 officers from various agencies including the FBI were involved in the search for the shooter who shot and killed Cpl. Eugene Cole in Norridgewock, Maine. No details have yet been revealed regarding how exactly the suspect was found and apprehended, but Maine State Police have mentioned that they will be releasing more information to the public very soon.

Cold blooded murder

The shooter, who has been identified as 29-year-old John Williams, was initially scheduled to appear in court in Massachusetts on Wednesday, April 25, to face several gun charges. It isn’t clear just yet if this had anything to do with Cole and Williams' encounter. However, authorities have confirmed that Williams did shoot and kill the sheriff’s deputy on the same day. Williams then reportedly stole the officer’s police cruiser, which he then used to rob a convenience store. The cruiser was later found in Norridgewock later in the afternoon. The 62-year-old veteran of the Maine State Police department was the 25th officer that has died in the line of duty just this year.

Extensive search

Williams was believed to have been hiding in the woods following the fatal shooting of the sheriff’s deputy. Federal, state, and local officers combed through difficult terrain and dense forests in search of the fugitive. Officers also resorted to going door to door on the off chance that the culprit was hiding inside one of the houses in the residential areas.

As reported by Maine Public, aircraft were also dispatched to look for the suspect in the densely wooded areas near the Martin Stream Road in Lancaster. Uniformed police also continued to patrol the community throughout the week.

Finally captured

The widowed wife of Cpl. Eugene Cole appeared in a press conference and begged the shooter to surrender.

Somerset County Sheriff Dale Lancaster also pleaded with the shooter to peacefully surrender and to reach out to them if he wanted to speak with them to resolve the issue. The FBI then announced on Friday, April 27, that they were offering a $20,000 reward for any information that would lead to the capture of Williams.

Footage of Williams’ capture was taken by News Center Maine, which showed the suspect wrapped in a yellow fabric tied around his waist while being escorted by Law Enforcement Officers. Authorities have not yet revealed the details of the suspect’s arrest, but they have confirmed that Williams was apprehended using Cole’s own handcuffs.