Donald Trump has had a love-hate relationship with polling data depending on how favorable the results prove to be. In his latest Twitter outburst, the president cited a nonexistent poll to claim his approval rating is the highest in its history.

Trump on polls

When Donald Trump first kicked off his campaign for president, he quickly gained surprising momentum.

As the weeks and months moved forward, Trump found himself ahead in all the polls during the Republican primary, as he made sure to remind everyone that he was in the lead. After securing the nomination at the Republican National Convention. Trump's poll numbers dropped during the general election where he was quick to accuse the polling outlets of being "rigged." In the year and a half since his election win, Trump has made sure to continue his war of words against the media, while cherry-picking polls to fit his talking points.

In his most recent tweet on the issue on April 20, Donald Trump claimed that a new poll was released that showed his approval at its highest level. However, the poll Trump cites is never identified, leaving many wondering what the president is referring to.

"Can you believe that despite 93% bad stories from the Fake News Media (should be getting good stories), today we had just about our highest Poll Numbers, including those on Election Day?" Trump tweeted out. "The American public is wise to the phony an dishonest press," he wrote, while adding his trademark phrase "Make America Great Again!"

Instant reaction

Not long after Donald Trump's tweet about his poll numbers, those who oppose the president made sure to chime in.

"Hey Dumbalina, check something other than Trump TV," one tweet read.

"ALL that Trump supporters can do is gullibility fall for every lie Trump says. guys are simply idiots," a Twitter user wrote. "Can you believe that 100% of what comes out of your mouth is bullsh*t," another tweet added. "No. I don't believe anything you say (or tweet)," an additional tweet stated. "You mean after you watch Faux News. You are the biggest liar of them all. So can't wait to get rid of you. You do NOT reflect American people," a post went on to note.


Just another day in Adult Daycare," a social media user wrote. "America will be great again when you are impeached and in prison," a follow-up tweet read. As the backlash continued to pour in, it was made more than clear that the rift between Donald Trump and the majority of the American people was not going to end anytime soon.