As part of his almost never-ending tour to promote the recent Republican tax cuts, Donald Trump made his way to Florida to host a roundtable discussion on the topic at hand. After bringing up Tax Day, the president was given a reminded about his own tax history across social media.

Trump on tax day

Since the day Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president, questions were raised as to what information were in his tax returns and other financial documents.

As time went on and Trump gained momentum, the pressure for him to release his tax returns increased. Citing an audit from the IRS, Trump deflected from the questions and avoided releasing his financial information to the public. When Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become the new president, he was the first to do so without releasing his tax information in over 40. As the Russian investigation moves forward, many continued to wonder what is in Trump's tax history, despite the White House brushing off any concern.

On Monday, Donald Trump led a roundtable discussion on tax reform, while making sure to comment on Tax Day, with the filing deadline set for Tuesday.

"Tomorrow is Tax Day," the president told those in attendance. "Remember this, this is the last time you’re going to fill out the long, complicated, horrible return," he added. "I would say that some of these tax companies getting a lot of money for doing these returns won't be happy," Trump claimed.

"We have the biggest tax cut in history.

Bigger than the Reagan tax cut," Donald Trump stated, before adding, "The individual mandate is gone. It's the end of Obama care." Not stopping there, the president went on to warn that if democrats win big in the midterms, they will do their best to raise taxes.

Tax reminder

Following his remarks about taxes and Tax Day, Donald Trump was met with an onslaught of criticism.

"Most of us aren't money launderers, so it's a bit easier for us to do our taxes," one tweet read.

"How about Donald Trump shows us some of his long and complicated tax returns? What is he hiding?" a Twitter user wondered. "Um , yeah. That’s BS. Can someone tell this guy that that whole 'postcard tax return' thingy didn't make the cut in the final bill?" another tweet stated.

"Huge theft on behalf of the rich adding $1,000,000,000 to the national debt. Republicans used to claim fiscal responsibility and say Dems were tax and spend, but the exact opposite has been true for 50 years, look at every POTUS from Reagan through Trump," an additional tweet noted. "Still waiting for you to follow thru with showing us your taxes," a social media user wrote.