Following the much-anticipated James Comey interview on Sunday night, the White House quickly came to a consensus on how to respond. After a rough back and forth interview on CNN, Kellyanne Conway decided to continue her thoughts on Twitter.

Conway on Comey

After James Comey was fired as head of the FBI last May, many wondered when and if the former director would speak out.

When it was announced that Comey would be releasing a new book, all eyes were set on what details and information would be revealed. As excerpts of the book "A Higher Truth" were given to the media, it quickly triggered a rage within Donald Trump, who then vented his frustrations on Twitter, with the president referring to Comey as a "leaker," a "liar," and a "slimeball." On Sunday night, Comey's interview with ABC's "20/20" was broadcasted, with the former FBI director saying Trump was "morally unfit to be president."

(Full interview in the video above)

These issues were discussed during a heated April 16 edition of "New Day" on CNN with Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway joining host Chris Cuomo.

When asked about Donald Trump's thoughts on the James Comey interview, Conway responded, "The President thinks that Jim Comey is engaging in revisionist history." After Cuomo pushed Conway on the Russian investigation, Conway started to lose her cool.

"All Jim Comey had to do was keep his mouth shut.

He's incapable of it as we see," she said. The two then spared over Trump's reaction, with Chris Cuomo noting, "he's going down to Florida to push his tax cuts. He could just ignore all of this." Conway wasn't pleased and sarcastically responded "oh, Comey can just say what he wants?" while adding, "Don’t just throw out sound bytes to go viral without letting me finish the sentence."

Conway tweetstorm

After her interview with Chris Cuomo and several others on Monday morning, Kellyanne Conway continued her defense of Donald Trump in regards to the James Comey interview by going to her personal Twitter account.

"This misleading headline should include an eye roll and question mark," Conway wrote, while attaching an ABC News article with a headline claiming he she attacked Comey for swinging the election. "Point I made on 3 shows is that we are supposed to believe THIS guy swung an election? I don't think so," she wrote.

In a follow up tweet, Kellyanne Conway responded to a tweet by Chris Cuomo where the CNN host agreed that she was being sarcastic about James Comey having swung the election.

"As I said dozens of time, Hillary, not Comey, is why Hillary lost," she wrote. "BEFORE Oct 28/Comey letter: - she struggled to get 50% polls in states Pres Obama carried twice - majority said she wasn't honest/trustworthy -Trump better candidate/message/connector," Conway concluded.