Since the day Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become the new president, his victory was linked to election interference by Russia. During his latest interaction with the media, Trump was pressed on whether or not he would consider Russian President Vladimir Putin a friend.

Trump and Putin

One of the headline stories during the 2016 presidential campaign was whether or not Donald Trump was in cahoots with Russia.

While Trump was quick to bad mouth his political critics, including other world leaders, he made sure to speak highly of Vladimir Putin, going as far as to praise him on occasion during his campaign rallies. Fast forward to present day and Trump is still dealing with push back from critics and media over the Russian investigation, with special counsel Robert Mueller linking several former and present associates of Trump back to the Kremlin.

According to ABC News on April 3, Donald Trump spoke with reporters at the White House and was asked a wide range of questions, from his plan to send military troops to the southern border, to his proposal on trade and NAFTA.

During the questioning, Trump was asked about his relationship and his upcoming meeting with Vladimir Putin, and whether or not he considered the Russian leader a friend or foe. "We'll find out. I’ll let you know. I mean, it'll be a time when I’ll let you know," Trump said, before adding, "You’re going to find out very quickly.

We'll see what happens."

"Ideally we want to be able to get along with Russia," Donald Trump went on to say. "Getting along with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing," he added, with MSNBC's Hallie Jackson quoting the president as saying only "very stupid people" would disagree with him.

Twitter backlash

Following Donald Trump's remarks about Vladimir Putin, those who oppose the commander in chief made sure to chime in. "He literally said the same thing 5 times. God he’s an idiot," one tweet read.

"Trump sounds like he's 4 years old," a Twitter user wrote.

"What an answer ? Is this a joke. He is a joke," another tweet added. "How can anyone listen to this moron speak and think - That is one smart, articulate, thoughtful individual? Every time he opens his mouth he reveals just how ill equipped he is for the position he now holds. It is going to take many years to undo all the damage he's inflicted," an additional tweet went on to read.

"Could this a**hat be any more retarded? He LITERALLY sounds like he was just plucked off a short-bus," a social media user wrote. "We are all a little more dumb just listening to him," a follow-up tweet stated.