Over the weekend, excerpts of a new book about the Donald Trump administration were released to the public, with Kellyanne Conway being accused by the author of being the top leaker inside the White House. In response, Conway decided to push back, much to the chagrin of social media.

Conway the leaker

Ever since Donald Trump was elected back on November 16, he vowed to bring only the "best" and the "brightest" into his administration.

Despite this, the former host of "The Apprentice" has been dealing with a revolving door at the White House, with low level to high level members of his team being fired, quit, or resigning over a wide-range of issues. One issue that continues to plague the president is information leaking out to the media, causing one headache after another for the administration. While it's unknown who the leaker actually is, a new book puts the blame on Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway.

In his new book "The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game" being released on Tuesday, author Ronald Kessler points to Kellyanne Conway being the one who is allowing information out of the White House, saying during a recent CNN interview that "Kellyanne Conway is the No.

1 leaker." During the April 2 edition of "Fox and Friends" on Fox News, Conway pushed back at the allegations. "He (Trump) knows, and he has said publicly and privately who the leakers and the liars are and have been," Conway said.

"There is a lot less leaking in the White House now," Kellyanne Conway said.

When pressed if there were still leakers in the White House, Conway replied "perhaps," before noting, "if somebody puts 'Kellyanne interview' in a headline, you get clicks and kicks." In conclusion, Conway went on to say that "one day I will have my say."

Conway's backlash

After Kellyanne Conway responded to allegation that she's the White House leaker, critics of the administration weren't buying her explanation.

"The guilty ones always point finger at others to deflect their misconduct-Kelly does not seem like a leaker," one tweet read.

"Kellyanne is Sewer Rat Barbie!" a Twitter user wrote. "CONway is a Liar for Hire , you can`t expect that Big Moth to ever shut up," another tweet added. "Body language say. GUILTY....GUILTY.....GUILTY," an additional tweet noted.

"So now Kelly is being attacked. How does it feel? She works for a man who attack with recluse abandon. What goes around..." a social media user wrote. "Can't comment on leaks but she is definitely a liar," a follow-up tweet read.