Barbara Pierce was born on June 8, 1925, in New York. Her mother was Pauline Pierce and father was Marvin Pierce who was a distant descendant of the 14th president of United States, Franklin Pierce. Besides Abigail Adams, she was the only woman in the United State of America to be a wife and a mother to a president of the United States.

Who’s Barbara Bush?

Barbara Pierce got married to George H.W. Bush in January 1945 who at the time, was a student at Yale University and later after his graduation, he entered the oil business. They were later blessed with five children who are former president George Walker Bush born in 1946, Pauline Robinson who died in 1953 from leukemia at three-years-old, John Ellis nicknamed as “Jeb” Neil Mallon Bush and Marvin Pierce Bush.

Her husband later entered into politics and became the vice-president of the United States in 1981 and was the 41st president in 1989. She founded the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy in the same year. In 2000, her son George Walker Bush followed his father’s footsteps and he was elected the 43rd president of the United States.

Her late life, death and burial

The Independent reported that Barbara Bush fell ill in January this year and she was hospitalized with acute respiratory problems caused by pneumonia. On April 15, 2018, a statement was issued saying that the legendary woman and wife would no longer attend medical treatment but she would stay at home in the company of her adorable family members.

On Friday evening April 17, 2018, she passed on at her home in Houston Texas at the age of 92 years.

She was a loving grandmother to 17 grandchildren. She was admired by many people for years. She was a mirror to the people of the United States and to the entire world was a great woman of a great grace.

the Guardian reported that 1,500 guests were expected to attend the burial ceremony and these included President Donald Trump and his first lady, Melania, former president Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, and former president Barrack Obama and his wife.

The eulogy was delivered by son Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, along with her long-time friend Susan Baker who’s the wife of former Secretary of State, James A. Baker the third, and historian Jon Meacham. This is according to a statement issued on Friday evening. Her net worth is $25 million according to celebrity net worth.

She was buried behind her husband’s presidential library at Texas where the couple’s three-year-old daughter, Robin, was buried in 1953.

Barbara was a surely adorable woman, wife, and mother. She’ll be remembered by the people of United States for her numerous contributions to its growth and most importantly, she’ll be missed by her family and friends.