Philadelphia police arrested two brothers this afternoon due to being in possession of loaded guns.The age of one of the brothers is alarming.

Before the police were called, CTVnews claims the brothers were recently in a dispute with another male when the oldest brother, Michael Mitchell, showed off his Glock.

A 12-year-old in possession of an assault rifle

Michael Mitchell, only 19 years old, is now facing several charges including “gun offenses, terroristic threats, corruption of a minor, and other related charges” according to The Inquirer. Mitchell’s bond is set at $55,000 with a court date scheduled for April 18, 2018.

The younger brother, who is only 12-years-old faces similar charges through the juvenile justice system since he is still a minor and has a court date the day after Michael Mitchell, April 19, 2018. He was carrying a Diamondback 15 rifle when police arrived.

According to The Inquirer, the 12-year-old, who remains un-named was in possession of the gun after Mitchell instructed him to “go get my gun.” With twenty rounds ready to fire, the 12-year-old boy pointed the gun at the neighbors to protect his brother from any harm during the dispute.

Second weapon registered to his mother

Mitchell claims the Diamondback 15 rifle his little brother was in possession with is legally his, but the Glock, which had four rounds in it, belonged to his mother.

The police and the ATF are running a complete background on the gun to see if it a legally bought rifle. Sometimes, such backgrounds can take months to complete, but to make sure this weapon doesn't belong to another crime is important. Not only are the police running a trace on the rifle, but are also doing so with the mother's Glock, confirming it is a legally bought handgun.

A picture of police Officer Krzysztof Wrzesinski and the guns and that were taken into custody by the Philadelphia Police were posted on Twitter and the responses are on the rise.

While the mother of the Michell brothers thought her Glock was in a safe place, it's apparent, safe was not safe enough.

Many people are expressing their issues on gun control and the need for better parental supervision. Parents need to make sure when in possession of a gun, to have the necessary locks needed to keep children and others from having the ability to use the gun. Bullets need to be in a separate place away from any guns which will help eliminate the possibility of an accidental shooting. This is the first basic requirement of gun control.