James Comey’s new bombshell book, “A Higher Loyalty,” is due out next week and already the war of words is beginning. In pre-launch interview clips and book passages, everything from Obstruction Of Justice to impeachment of the President is touched on.

Some have compared this book to the previous release of the Michael Wolff's “Fire and Fury,” but as Wolff has always been known to play loose with facts, the Comey book is certain to carry more weight. Comey also has drawn fire from the left for his treatment of the Hillary Clinton pre-election email scandal, so it will be interesting to see how his book is received by Democrats.

The pre-launch buildup

ABC is already teasing the major forthcoming interview between Comey and longtime Clinton friend and backer George Stephanopoulos, which has some wondering about impartiality, and gives fuel to the right to bash Comey’s intentions, not that they ever need an excuse.

In the teaser video for the throw-down between the two, the buzz words all come out of Stephanopoulos’s mouth, including mob boss, the untold knowledge that can damage Trump, obstruction of justice, and impeachment. With each Stephanopoulos question, they cut back to Comey and the drama builds as we want to know what Comey’s responses are going to be.

Stephanopoulos also throws one question in there about Clinton, but that’s old news, and we all know where the focus will be.

A higher loyalty to what?

Advance copies of the Comey’s new book, “A Higher Loyalty,” are in circulation ahead of its coming public release and advance sales are already making it a smash best-seller.

President Trump’s frequent Twitter rampages against Comey will surely add to the sales, and Trump will most certainly claim credit. Maybe he will ask for a portion of the royalties!

With the book being as salacious as it is, and coming out so soon after Comey’s unceremonious firing, some may wonder whether Comey’s higher loyalty is to his country, or to maximizing his income with a controversial tell-all.

Those that have read the advance copies have reported that Comey includes plenty of personal attacks directed at Trump’s physical attributes and Comey compares Trump to a mob-boss.

Comey also must believe that his book is a personal crusade to save the country from what he says Trump is doing that “threatens much of what is good in this nation.”

Very soon, the book will be out, and the country will buy it in droves, and decide where Comey’s loyalty lies.