It was a successful operation for the Narcotics officers when they busted a gang engaged in drug trafficking in parts of Brooklyn and Queens. The police conducted raids in Long Island City, New York City and Jamaica and the haul included nearly 22 pounds of narcotics along with a huge amount of cash, a number of guns and a Lamborghini. The drug consisted mainly of the deadly prescription painkiller Fentanyl.

According to Daily Mail UK, the Special Narcotics Prosecutor's office confirmed the arrest of four persons believed to be involved in this business with drugs and money recovered from the premises.

The police had been on their trail for the last one year following several leads that they had come across after there were two deaths due to overdoses.

Patience pays off

The narcotics police conducted a year-long wiretap investigation because of two deaths reported from a drug overdose. The victims were a 22-year-old in 2016 and a 42-year-old in 2017. The trail led them to four persons who were engaged in drug trafficking. The culprits have now been arrested on charges of conspiracy and criminal sale of a controlled substance. They are believed to have been supplying drugs like heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, and marijuana to street-level pushers in New York City.

The kingpin used to maintain a stock of the contraband in his house in Bath Beach, Brooklyn.

He also owned a luxury condo in Long Island City where the police found nearly $600,000 in cash apart from a firearm and a Lamborghini.

Two others who have been arrested lived in Queens. They were also in possession of drugs, and firearms like handguns and shotgun. The fourth man in the gang lived in Jamaica and had heroin in his possession apart from cash.

All the four have past history of arrests on various charges ranging from robbery, burglary and weapons possession. However, while his accomplices have served prison sentences, the leader does not have any conviction to his name till now.

Drug traffickers deserve no sympathy

The drug is a silent killer and those who are addicted to this evil try to rope in innocents into the ring.

One of the main sources of most of these contraband is Mexico and President Donald Trump wants to check the spread of this menace and put his foot down on drug smugglers. He wants to have a border wall that will act as a deterrent and end drug trafficking.

The arrests that have now been made by the narcotics police in New York City is one of many such arrests to stop the spread of this evil. However, those who engage in such activities are innovative, and the police will always have to remain one step ahead of them to foil their evil designs.