After spending the afternoon at church with Donald Trump and the rest of her family, Melania Trump took a minute to send out an Easter post on Twitter. Following her tweet, the first lady was met with an onslaught of criticism.

Melania on Easter

When Donald Trump first announced that he would be running for president back in the summer of 2015, many wondered what role his wife Melania Trump would play in the campaign. Melania's first chance in the spotlight quickly backfired after her speech at the Repubican National Convention turned out to be plagiarized from former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Since then, Melania has kept a mostly low-profile, focusing on her initiative to end cyberbullying, though the scandal linking Trump to adult film star Stormy Daniels has kept her in the spotlight in recent months.

Lately, Melania Trump has put increased effort into her aforementioned campaign to end cyberbullying which has received criticism due to her husband's reckless behavior of social media. Fast forward to present day and the first lady spent her Easter in Palm Beach, Florida, waking up at Mar-a-Lago with Donald Trump before heading to a local church service as her husband made sure to speak to reporters where he made controversial remarks about the future of the DACA program and immigration reform.

As seen during a tweet on April 1, Melania sent out a "Happy Easter" message which attaching a photo of a White House dining hall decorated for the holiday. Once the post was made, predictable opposition followed by critics.

Melania's tweet reaction

Following Melania Trump's tweet about Easter, those who oppose Donald Trump and the current administration made sure to fire back.

"Who paid for it? U.S. citizens?" one tweet read.

"Are you and your mom/dad on the list for deportation?" a Twitter user asked with sarcasm.

"Happy Easter to you and Donnie and Stormi and Karen McDougal!!" another tweet read with humor. "Nothing says I believe in the resurrection of Christ like a room full of balloons," a tweet added.

"How much did that cost the American people?" a social media user wondered. "Balloons. Sweet. They totally distract us from your silence (again) about your hubby, the serial cheater & liar. Michael Cohen must pay you a lot too," a follow-up tweet went on to point out. The negative reaction poured in as the backlash to the entire Trump family and administration continued.