As Easter Sunday comes to a close, Fox News host Sean Hannity decided to vent his frustrations over former President Barack Obama. After Hannity's Twitter rant, which included an embarrassing blunder, social media critics made sure to chime in.

Hannity on Obama

Back in November 2008 when Barack Obama defeated John McCain to become the first African-American president in American history, it quickly became clear that the media would would be taking sides.

Over on Fox News, the conservative bias was evident, as the overwhelming majority of hosts on the network would routinely bash Obama, while increasing their bias throughout his entire eight years in office. Since the election of Donald Trump, Fox News has shifted their focus from attacking the president to embracing and defending him, with host Sean Hannity being the biggest cheerleader.

As millions of Americans celebrated Easter by spending time with family, heading to church, and leaving politics to the side, Sean Hannity found an article on Twitter that listed the reasons for why many people still miss Barack Obama. In a tweet on April 1, Hannity was quickly triggered into an anti-Obama rant.

"I'm sure an oversight," Hannity tweeted with sarcasm. "No pictures of the 13 additional people on food stamps, the 8 million more in poverty the lowest labor participation rate since 70’s, or the doubling of our debt that children will have to pay back for generations," Hannity wrote, while accidentally writing "13" instead of "13 million," while rhetorically asking "Innocent omission?"

Twitter reaction

After Sean Hannity's Easter Twitter rant about Barack Obama, critics of the Fox News host hit back.

"Maybe your tweets would make more sense if you didn’t have both hands busy cupping Trump’s balls!" one tweet read.

"Sorry dude you're outnumbered.

MOST OF US ARE AWAKE!" a Twitter user wrote. "Why does it bother you if some people miss Obama? I am sure you have some thing else you could be doing on Easter Sunday like being a nice good person," another tweet added. "How can you possibly still push the debt talking point after Trump added a trillion to the deficit in a boom time, while Obama only added to the national debt during the worst recession since 1929?" yet another tweet asked.

"I think we mostly miss Barack Obama because he wasn't the head of an organized crime family," a social media user wrote.

"APRIL FOOLS...Hannity really meant the financial meltdown at the end of the Bush43 term that had him hiding in the White House closets. Or maybe he meant Donald Trump & the GOP's Tax Scam Bill that added $1,500,000,000,000 to the deficit. Funny guy," a follow-up tweet added.