It's been well-documented that Donald Trump and Melania trump have had martial issues over the last two years. In the latest example of video evidence, the first lady did her best to avoid holding hands with her husband as they welcomes the president of France to the White House.

Melania and Donald

When Donald Trump announced his plan to run for president back in the summer of 2015, the consensus was that he was only doing it to increase ratings on his reality show "The Apprentice." As time went on, Trump's popularity increased as he rode that momentum to an upset win over Hillary Clinton in November 2016.

Multiple sources have since reported that Melania Trump was crying on election night because she was allegedly assured that Donald wouldn't win. Fast forward to present day and the first lady has been forced to deal with constant rumors and scandal about her husband's alleged infidelity and sexual misconduct, including the latest story involving his affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels.

In response, Melania Trump has attempted to keep her distance from Donald Trump at times, which was caught on video when the first couple were welcoming French President emmanuel macron to the White House on Tuesday.

In a report by TMZ on April 24, video captures Donald attempting to hold hands with Melania, as the first lady continues to shift her body and hand away from the president. As Melania appeared to cringe, Donald touched her fingers and eventually grabbed her hand. Within minutes of the video being broadcasted, it didn't take long before critics of the commander in chief gave their thoughts.

Twitter reacts

After the video made the rounds of Melania Trump attempting to avoid holding hands with Donald Trump, social media quickly went viral with mockery. "We know who brings a smile to her face," one tweet read while posting an image of the first lady smiling with Barack Obama at Barbara Bush's funeral.

"The fact that he said thank you to Melania after she gave him her hand," a Twitter user wrote.

"She would gladly grab it if he were President Obama!" another tweet added. "Who wants to hold the hand of Commander Pee-Pee Tape...?" an additional tweet stated. "She hates him, I want to read her tell all book," a post noted.

"She is only married to him for the money. Wake up people and Trump supporters. It’s all a joke," a social media user claimed. "Remember when President Obama made her laugh? That p*nty dropping laughter," a follow-up tweet pointed out.