As reported on Friday, a bomb exploded in a bucket, placed in a Lidl grocery store bag on Friday on a London Tube train in Parsons Green station, which then burst into flames. Wires could be seen hanging out onto the train carriage floor. 29 passengers were injured in the blast as well as the ensuing panic to leave the train.

Two hours after the explosion occurred, police confirmed they were treating it as a “terrorist incident." Now a manhunt has been launched following the bombing in south-west London, where police are said to be seeking “suspects.”

Multiple injuries from explosion on London tube

Of the 29 people injured, 19 were taken to various hospitals in the area by paramedics or took themselves to hospitals.

Eight of the injured passengers were discharged by around 4:30 p.m. that afternoon. According to police, some injuries included flash burns, but no patients are in a life-threatening condition from the explosion.

Police scour CCTV footage in the area

Following the bombing, which occurred as people were commuting to work Friday morning, officers are scouring CCTV footage of the area to try and “chase down” what appear to be multiple suspects, which points to police looking for more than one individual relating to the explosion on the London Underground.

Danny Shaw, a correspondent for BBC home affairs, told the BBC MI5 and Scotland Yard must assume there is more than one person behind the bombing, with others who may have encouraged or assisted the bomber to place the explosive device on the train. Authorities have established that the bomb had only partially exploded, meaning that the effect could have been far worse.

UK terror threat now raised to critical

As reported by the Evening Standard, the UK has now raised its terror threat from severe to critical, which is the highest level and infers that a further terror attack could be imminent.

While the Islamic State has claimed it was responsible for the bombing, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley did say it was routine for the terror group to claim responsibility, whether they are related to the suspects or not. Rowley called on the London public to be vigilant but stressed they should “not be alarmed.”

Military personnel on the streets of London

Prime Minister Theresa May said on Friday while announcing the change in the terror threat level, that military personnel will provide support to the London police and will replace the usual officers guarding protected sites in the city. This move forms part of Operation Temperer, launched after the Manchester Arena terror attack on May 23, where the military assists police in investigating terrorist attacks.

May went on to warn the public that they will see more armed officers on the public transport network, as well as in the city streets, providing them extra protection following the latest bombing.

Different form of attack on the London Underground

A counter-terrorism expert, Dr. Lucas Herrington, told RT News in the video below that the latest incident was different from previous terror attacks in the country. While most ISIS terrorists are prepared to blow themselves up at the scene, the bomb in this incident saw the presence of a timing device. Herrington said it is part of the process for jihadists to die in the process, saying if this was launched by an Islamic State terrorist, they were either planning to flee the country or are already planning a further series of attacks.