Over the last 24 hours, Donald Trump has been forced to tackle several issues as president. In her best attempt to defend the president, Sarah Huckabee Sanders took questions from reporters at the most recent press briefing.

Sanders on Paul Ryan

The news cycle constantly changes and for Donald Trump and his team, it means the creation of new talking points as part of their defense to push back against media coverage that sheds a negative light on the administration.

Since Tuesday's press briefing, new information has been revealed about the recent FBI raid of Michael Cohen, the president's lawyer who is accused of paying "hush money" to adult film star Stormy Daniels in regards to her reported affair with the president. In addition, questions continue to be raised about the Russian investigation and the status of special counsel Robert Mueller, the president's stance on Syria, as well as the news of House Speaker Paul Ryan not seeking reelection.

These issues and more were addressed during the April 11 press briefing at the White House with press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

On the president's thoughts on Paul Ryan not returning to Congress, Sanders replied, "We certainly hope Republicans will remain in the House, especially those who support the president's agenda." "The president has been very clear about how he feels about Speaker Ryan. He knows he's a truly good man who will leave a legacy of achievement that nobody can question." she added.

Sanders on Russia

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was then asked abut Russia in regards to their support of Syria following the country's chemical attack on civilians, as well as the president's tweets hinting at military action.

"The president has not laid out a timetable and still leaving a number of other options on the table," Sanders said in response to whether or not Trump would take military action against Syria and Russia, before adding, "a final decision on that front hasn't been made." "Russia has proven themselves to be responsible in part for this. They guaranteed that the use of chemical weapons by Syria would not happen again, they failed at that," Sanders stated.

When pressed on the Russian investigation, Sarah Huckabee Sanders hit back.

"The president has been clear he has concerns about the direction of the special counsel," she said, while adding, "This investigation started off as Russian collusion, of which there was none." Sanders continued to push back at the press, with the rift between the White House and the media continued.