With a special election gearing up for Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional district, Donald Trump made his way to the state to help support the Repubican candidate. As expected, Trump didn't hold back his thoughts in attacking the media, with a special focus on "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd.

Trump in Pennsylvania

Over the last year that he's been in office, Donald Trump has had an up and down relationship with his own Republican Party.

For those who have been supportive of Trump's administration, the president has returned the favor. However, the Republicans who dare speak out and criticize the commander in chief, Trump has doubled down on his attacks, often getting personal on his social media feed. For the upcoming special election in Pennsylvania, Rick Saccone is the Republican nominee, a man who Trump has praised in the past and is reportedly running in a close race against Democratic candidate Conor Lamb.

As reported by NBC News on March 10, Donald Trump made his way to Moon Township, Pennsylvania on Saturday night to campaign for Rick Saccone, and predictably went off topic.

Trump made sure to target the media and his critics in Washington, saying, "there's a lot of evil there but we're getting it out. A lot of evil." "A lot of fake media. Look at them. Fake media," Trump added, while pointing to the press cameras.

Not stopping there, Donald Trump gave himself credit for the upcoming meeting between himself and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Trump first trashed former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton for how they handled North Korea in the past, before citing an interview he did back in 1999 with "Meet the Press" where he spoke about tackling the issue of North Korea. Trump then brought up the show's current host Chuck Todd. "The show now headed by 'Sleepy Eyes' Chuck Todd.

He's a sleepy-eyed son of a b*tch," Trump went on to say. "I was young and handsome. I said 'why couldn't I look like that today.' I should have run back then," Trump said, continuing to praise himself in front of a large crowd of supporters who cheered his every word.

Moving forward

Donald Trump continued talking smack about the media, his political rivals, and his future plans as president, all while his approval rating hover around just 40 percent. While the president doesn't look to be backing down from his agenda and talking points anytime soon, only time will tell how it all plays out.