The Christian faithful were undoubtedly horrified when 20-year-old Kaylee Muthart decided to remove her eyes outside of the South Main Chapel and Mercy Center in Anderson County, South Carolina. According to eyewitnesses, Muthart stood across from the church and used her hands to gouge out her own eyes.

Muthart is now recovering from the incident and has spoken to Cosmopolitan magazine about why she decided to "go medieval" on her eyes. Muthart says in the article that her increasing reliance on narcotics was to blame for her bizarre self-surgery.

Formerly, Muthart had been a straight-A student who occasionally dabbled in marijuana, but after a serious relationship fractured, Muthart began taking Xanax, ecstasy, and crystal meth.

At this point in her life, doctors diagnosed Muthart with bipolar disorder. For a time, Muthart managed to limit her intake of narcotics, but she left her job one day because she was too "embarrassed" about the fact that she had picked her face raw while on a meth trip.

Closer to God

Muthart began studying the Bible and taking the Christian faith more seriously as she descended further and further into her drug addiction. It became common for Muthart to take ecstasy or meth and read the Bible to herself. Muthart's mother tried to intervene in her daughter's life by sending her to rehab, but it was all for naught.

On February 6, 2018, Muthart took a larger-than-normal dose of meth and convinced herself that God wanted a "sacrifice" from her. Muthart's hallucination told her that once this sacrifice was complete, she and everyone in the world would die. "I don't know how I came to that conclusion, but I felt it was, without doubt, the right, rational thing to do immediately," Muthart said.

On that date, while standing outside the small chapel, Muthart used her fingers to grab, turn, and remove her own eyeballs. When the church's pastor found Muthart, her eyeballs were in her hands and she was screaming "I want to see the light!" Because of this drug-induced frenzy, Muthart is now blind.

Slow recovery

Despite incredibly painful headaches, Kaylee refuses to take painkillers.

She now claims to be clean of all narcotics and is currently trying to raise money on GoFundMe in order to acquire a seeing-eye dog. As of this writing, the GoFundMe page has earned over $21,000. Its goal is $50,000.

Upon reflection, Muthart says that she would rather be blind than addicted to drugs. Hopefully, more addicts can come to the same conclusion without succumbing to the delusions that wrecked Muthart's life.