As the Donald Trump administration moves forward, critics of the president have not held back in holding his feet to the fire. In response, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has done her best to defend the commander in chief, but it doesn't always go over well.

Sanders on Trump

Ever since Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president he's been met with an onslaught of criticism.

That backlash has only increased in the year that he's been in office, which has added fuel to the fire in the feud between the mainstream news media and the Trump administration. In recent days, Trump has been dealing with the latest news regarding the Russian investigation, the scandal over his alleged affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels, as well as his controversial call to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

With the pressure mounting, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders decided to take to her Twitter account to push back against the so-called "Chattering Class" and praise Donald Trump for the work he's done as president. "Much of the chattering class said POTUS would lose the election, but he won; said he’d hurt the economy, but it’s booming," Sanders tweeted.

"Said tax cuts would fail, but they passed, creating more jobs & higher wages; and said he’d weaken America, but our military is now stronger than ever," she concluded. Not long after she sent out her tweet, Sanders was met with a reality check from the opposition.

Sanders' reality check

Following Sarah Huckabee Sanders' latest social media praise of Donald Trump, the press secretary was taken to task by critics.

"He lost by 3 million votes. He stole the election through the electoral college with the help of CamAnalytica. Not our President," one tweet read.

"Said he wouldn’t repeal Obamacare, he didn’t.

Said he’d racially divided America, he did. Said he was unqualified for the office of POTUS, he is. Said he’d bring shame to the nation and defile the office, he has. Said he’d appoint unqualified sycophants like you, he has," Bishop Talbert Swan tweeted out. "He’s the worst and the worlds laughs at us," a Twitter user wrote.

"Doesn't matter. Character, integrity, truth. That's what matters, and it has no price," a social media user tweeted back.

"He has weakened America! Domestically and abroad!" a follow-up tweet went on to read. As the negative reaction continued to pour in, the rift between those who support and those who oppose Donald Trump moved forward.