After yet another busy day and night in Washington, the White House was forced to play defense. sarah huckabee Sanders addressed reporters outside of the White House, while also taking part in an interview with Fox News where she elaborated on some of the recent hot topics.

Sanders on Stormy

While speaking to reporters on Wednesday morning, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about the recent lawsuit filed by Stormy Daniels, the adult film start who allegedly had a year-old affair with Donald Trump. In response, Sanders deflected in an attempt to brush off the issue despite the story gaining national attention.

"We've addressed our feelings on that situation and I don't have anything else to add," she said.

Cohn's exit

During a March 7 interview with Fox News, Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke out about several other issues facing the administration, including the recent resignation of economic adviser Gary Cohn.. "This is something that Gary has been talking about for some time," Sanders said, while adding, "He's been a member of the administration and he's going to continue to be a voice for president." When pressed on who will take Cohn's job, Sanders replied, "Obviously I'm gonna let the president make that announcement but he's got a number of people he can choose from."

Russian push back

Fox News host Bill Hemmer then pressed Sarah Huckabee Sanders on what Donald Trump plans to do to punish Russia over their reported hacking of the 2016 election, and what steps the administration intends to take to prevent further meddling.

"The president is committed to making sure that not just Russia, but particularly Russia, but any country or any outsider doesn’t have the ability to influence or impact our elections," Sanders claimed. After continuing to be questioned, Sanders fired back and said "Look, it’s not a one-day process," before stating that Donald Trump was taking the issue "very seriously."

Twitter reaction

Following Sarah Huckabee Sanders' interview on Fox News, critics of the administration wasted no time sounding off on social media.

"Cohn is so disgusted with the POTUS that he has you REALLY think he's still going to be a voice for the POTUS? Oh you live in la la a fantasy world," one tweet read.

"Her words are as crooked as her smile," a Twitter user wrote.

"Is this how the WH is going to try to convince Wall Street that Trump hasn't totally lost his mind?" a tweet wondered. "She can’t help herself from lying just put the stock market ticker up beside her," a follow-up tweet added.

"More likely scenario is he put on his life jacket and jumped," a social media user wrote in reference to Gary Cohn's resignation. "No he’s not, he’s going to run far, far away as fast as he can. Everyone who comes in contact with Trump is tainted with his stink," yet another tweet added.