Just hours after Donald Trump told the press that "everyone" wanted to work with him in the White House, his top adviser decided to resign. Once the news of Gary Cohn's departure made the rounds, MSNBC host Joy Reid decided to tweet out a reality check.

Reid on Cohn

When Donald Trump was running for president, he vowed to hire only the "best people" to work for him if he was elected.

Despite his promise, Trump has been forced to deal with an increased number of departures in regards to his administration. Just last week, White House Communications Director Hope Hicks announced her resignation, and only hours after Trump addressed the issue on Tuesday, top economic adviser Gary Cohn also decided to step down, this time due to the president's stance on trade and tariffs. The news comes after Trump claimed that "everyone" wanted to work in the White House, providing yet another conflict for the president.

As the news broke across social media, various opinions were made known, with MSNBC's Joy Reid breaking down the reality of Gary Cohn's exit in a series of March 6 tweets.

"Before you go giving Gary Cohn any credit for integrity, recall that he reportedly drafted a resignation letter after Trump cuddled neo-N*zis in Charlottesville but blinked. But tariffs? Apparently that's his moral limit," Reid tweeted.

"And to be clear: those who know Cohn say he stayed after Trump cuddled N*zis because of the possibility of getting through a massive tax cut for the super rich and corporations," Joy Reid added in a follow-up tweet, before sarcastically adding, "Such a moral guy." In another tweet, Reid made the comparison using more sarcastic humor.

"N*zis? Well..... there is that tax cut on the table ... Tariffs? Sir! I cannot remain inside this government another moment!" she wrote while also stating, "This is the state of public integrity and morality in the Trump era, and Gary Cohn is only the latest emblem."

Reid's double down

Joy Reid didn't stop there as she continued to hit back at Gary Cohn and the entire administration, with a special focus on his response to the president's remarks about the Charlottesville riot last year.

"When you're willing to ally with N*zi-cuddlers to get a tax cut for the super rich, THAT is Trumpism at its absolute, morally corrupting essence," she tweeted.

"The reality is that you cannot go to work in the Trump administration without it becoming a dark mark on your resume, and on you as a person. That's just reality. The people who chose to do it will have to live with that, Gary Cohn included. History will not hand out breaks," Joy Reid went on to note. The popular liberal host continued to unload on her Twitter feed, showing that she will not back down with making her voice heard above all the other noise.