In his latest attempt to appeal to the Hispanic community, Donald Trump addressed the Latino Coalition Legislative Summit. During his speech, the president made sure to get political and target the Democratic Party.

Trump on Latinos

While Donald Trump was able to pull off the upset and defeat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during the last presidential election, he did so without much help from various minority voting blocs.

From the start of his political career, Trump has come under fire due to his controversial rhetoric and policy proposals, including his plans on immigration and comments about illegal immigrants from Mexico being "rapists" and "murderers."

With his poll numbers down with Hispanics, Donald Trump arrived at the Latino Coalition Legislative Summit on March 7 and decided to pander, while also taking shots at his Democratic rivals. After praising the Latino and Hispanic community as "good people," Trump brought up the issue of DACA and put the blame on democrats.

"We're trying to have a DACA victory for everybody, by the way, and the Democrats are nowhere to be found," Trump said. "The Democrats don't want to approve (infrastructure plan)" because they don't want to give us a victory,: he added, while saying, "They think we've had too many victories." "We've had a lot of victories," Trump claimed.

Instant reaction

Following Donald Trump's speech at the Latino Coalition Legislative Summit, those who oppose the president wasted no time giving the president a fact-checking session over his actions towards Hispanics and other minority communities. "Why did they even allow him to speak there? The Latino community could have made a statement by not inviting Trump.

By allowing him to speak, after all he has said and done to Latinos, it's almost like they are condoning Trump's behavior," one tweet read.

"Says the guy who, aside from the election, has had one victory, a crappy tax bill," a Twitter user added.

"The President is once again misinforming the people. We wouldn't be demonstrating daily to vote down his legislature in every major city in America if this were the case," yet another tweet noted. "You say the dumbest things, Mr. Bone Spurs!!!" a tweet stated.

"Who writes this stuff!?

So good! Did he bring his writers from The Apprentice to The White House!?" a social media user commented. "I think they're waiting for you to give the go ahead on Russia. THAT would be an actual victory. Making your head look like it has hair isn't a victory," a tweet noted.