The mass shooting that took place last month in Parkland, Florida brought the debate over gun reform back into the headlines. Unlike previous shootings, the survivors of the Parkland attack have been vocal, with some directing their frustration at Donald Trump.

Parkland on Trump

It was this past Valentine's Day when 19-year-old Nikolas Jacob Cruz walked into the halls of his former school of Stoneman Douglas High School and opened fire.

By the time Cruz was apprehended and taken into custody by local law enforcement, 17 innocent people had been killed, with many others left injured. In the weeks that have followed, gun control has been a hot topic across the country, with the predictable partisan reaction taking place.

One voice that wasn't expected was from many of the students who survived the shooting in Parkland, who have been aggressive in their call to action on gun reform, often publicly clashing with the National Rifle Association and politicians who refuse to compromise on the issue.

After Donald Trump sent out several tweets on March 3, Parkland student and activist David Hogg decided to send back a few tweets of his own to the president. "While Bowingtrump submits to the NRA out of fear. The nation is contemplating where the next mass Shooting will be," Hogg tweeted.

"So Dishonest Donald How many times have you used tax payer dollars to go to play golf while our kids keep dying?" David Hogg wondered in a rhetorical tweet to Donald Trump.

After Trump tweeted about "very stupid" politicians creating unfair trade deals, Hogg wasted no time sounding off. "The United States also has a massive gun violence problem because of 'very stupid' politicians that are owned by the NRA," he wrote.

Parkland's revenge

While David Hogg has been one of the most vocal Parkland students, including a Friday night appearance on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher," others, like Emma Gonzalez, have used their sudden popularity to push forward the agenda of increased gun control.

As expected, conservatives are not pleased with their efforts, with NRA representative Dana Loesh getting into heated debates over the topic at hand. While it's unknown if any progress with be made in Congress with a Republican-majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate, in addition to Donald Trump in the White House, but it doesn't look like Hogg and his classmates will be backing off anytime soon.