As reported on Saturday (March 3) by the local police, a Central Michigan State University student shot and killed both of his parents at the campus residence hall on Friday (March 2). Witnesses cited the 19-year-old student, James Eric Davis Jr., walking from a parking lot armed with a gun into the residence. Video evidence has also been taken to support what witnesses claimed.

According to Chief Bill Yeagley, the gun used for the murders of the two unfortunate parents was registered to the suspect’s father. Davis Jr. was arrested on Saturday morning after an individual spotted him on a train passing the north side of the campus.

The sighting came after midnight as authorities apprehended Davis Jr. with no incident.

Motive not clear

It is not clear as to why Davis Jr. shot his parents. The only thing that the authorities have on the suspect is that he clearly shot his parents in the campus residence. Also, his parents, James Eric Davis Sr., 48, and Diva Jeenen Davis, 47, had traveled from Chicago to the University.

Authorities presume that the parents were there to pick up their son to take home for the spring break. The police did have to go on a manhunt that lasted hours on Friday after the shootings which led to the arrest of Davis. Jr. on Saturday morning.

It was also added by the local campus police that Davis Jr. was apprehended twice a day before the fatal shootings.

Davis Jr. was acting erratically on Thursday evening (March 1) and was eventually taken to the local hospital. It is believed that Davis Jr. was under the influence of drugs or simply was experiencing a bad reaction to drugs.

The suspect’s father

James Eric Davis Sr. was a part-time police officer in Bellwood for over 20 years.

Davis Sr. assisted the police department for special occasions. He was also an Army veteran and employed at the Jesse Brown Va Medical Center in Chicago.

The medical center where Davis Sr. was employed is providing grief counseling for the staff that worked with the victim. Andre Harvey, mayor of the Chicago suburb of Bellwood, considered Davis Sr.

as a pillar of his community since Davis Sr. was a part-time police officer and worked at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center. The authorities will investigate this incident as a domestic violence incident, despite occurring on a university campus. This incident also comes right at a moment when the nation is still shocked by the high school shooting that occurred in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 dead.