In honor of International women's day, both Donald Trump and Melania Trump sent out a few words across social media. As expected, critics of the administration wasted no time replying with thoughts of their own.

Trump's on Twitter

For over 100 years, celebrations in honor of a day for women have been honored in various countries around the world.

In 1975, the United Nations officially adopted International Women's Day, which has become a global day of remembrance and honor ever since. In the United States, the 2018 celebration comes at a time when the "Me Too" and "Times Up" movement has gained steam, with a special political tone considering the controversy and allegations of sexual misconduct against President Donald Trump.

In a pair of tweets on March 8, Donald Trump and Melania Trump gave their thoughts on social media. "Happy IWD2018. Today we recognize, celebrate and honor women around the globe," Melania tweeted out.

"On March 21, I will be at the State Dept to present the Women Of Courage award to some extraordinary women," she added. In a follow-up tweet, the president added a basic and generic tweet of "Happy International Women's Day," while attaching a link about the first lady presenting the 2018 International Women of Courage Award later this month.

Instant backlash

Following their tweets, Donald Trump and Melania Trump didn't receive the best feedback. "While I’ll take you at your word that you support women, I really have to question your choice in remaining with your POS husband who’s made it quite clear that he has no respect for any woman, including you," one tweet read in response to Melania.

"Melania-I don't know where to begin. Your husband's administration is undermining women every day. When will you truly stand up for women's rights instead of being complicit? I wish you greater empathy and compassion," another tweet stated in response to the first lady. "Will Stormy be receiving an award for courage?" a Twitter user asked with sarcasm.

"Women should rise up and condemn a misogynistic sexual assaulter like Trump!!!" Bishop Talbert Swan tweeted back to Donald Trump.

"Did the women accusing you of sexual assault win?" yet another tweet noted. "It doesn’t get any more surreal than a tweet from you acknowledging anything about women other than their rating," a social media user went on to post. The mockery continued as the opposition to the president was made loud and clear.