It was reported earlier this week that Kellyanne Conway had been in violation of the federal Hatch Act due to comments she made late last year during a pair of interviews. In response, Conway did her best to deflect.

(Conway's comments on her violation start at 3:40 in the above video.)

Conway on Hatch Act

The issues plaguing the current administration started even before Donald Trump was officially sworn in as president and have showed no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With the recent resignations of White House Communications Director Hope Hicks and top economic adviser Gary Cohn, another member of the administration has come under fire.

It was reported on Monday that the Office of the Special Counsel had informed the White House that Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway had violated the Hatch Act, which prohibits a federal employee from abusing their position to promote partisan political opinions and agenda.

While the punishment is ultimately up to the president, the issue was addressed during Kellyanne Conway's March 8 appearance on Fox News. While speaking to Fox News host Bill Hemmer, Conway was grilled on the current status of the violation in question.

"The president and I have spoke about this," Conway confirmed, before adding, "I've not made a comment on this at all, and I won’t today."

"The White House has spoken to the White House counsel office yesterday," Kellyanne Conway went on to say. " I won’t reveal my private conversations with the president about anything except that which he would like me to speak about publicly," she went on to add.

After Bill Hemmer asked if she won't be punished, Conway answered, "I didn't say that," resulting in an odd silence. "I also recognize that I am not here to read about myself...I'm there in service to the country I love," she added. As the interview moved forward, Conway did her best to deflect away from the allegations against her and back to her talking points in praise of Donald Trump and the more positive aspects of the current administration.

Next up

While it's unknown as of press time whether or not Kellyanne Conway will face punishment for the violations of the Hatch Act, it comes down to what Donald Trump believes is fair. Conway has been a loyal member of Trump's inner circle, starting with her role as campaign manager in 2016 when she was brought on board to replace Paul Manafort who was forced to step down after his financial ties to Russia were made public. As of press time, Trump has not spoke publicly about the issue at hand.