During her meeting with the Special Counsel, Hope Hicks told the panel that she could not access two of her Email Accounts. According to individuals present during the meeting, Hicks portrayed herself as not savvy in matters of technology.

Russia investigation

Hicks was a member of Trump’s inner circle, among the few people who understood him. She wrote the president's statements, rarely making public appearances. She was one of the most respected officials in the White House, according to other White House officials. Her office was near the Oval Office which displayed her prowess and respect in the White House.

As a valued member of Trump's team, her testimony was highly regarded by the special counsel investigating Russia's involvement in the 2016 presidential election.

According to NBC, Hicks could not access two of her accounts, one being her personal account and the other was the one she used during the presidential campaign. Hicks later told the Intelligence Committee that one of the accounts had been hacked, though it is still unclear which one she was referring to, the campaign or the personal account.

Hope Hicks had voluntarily appeared before the committee, thus, the panel had no leverage on her. None of her records nor testimony was subpoenaed. The alleged hacks raise the question as to who might have accessed the two accounts and what information they could have retrieved.

The committee did not show any indication of pursuing these questions. According to law specialists, it is normal for the committee to ask witnesses for their email and phone records, though it is highly uncommon for a witness to claim he or she can no longer access these records.

Next on Mueller's list

Robert Mueller, the leader of the Russia investigation, has sent subpoenas to other members of Trump's circle.

Among them is Sam Nunberg, who has remained reluctant to share his email and phone records. Nunberg recently made appearances on TV, contradicting himself in almost all the interviews. In his interview with CNN, he spoke of how he believed Trump had something wrong with him, and that the special counsel had something on him.

However, during his last interviews, Nunberg spoke of how the president was innocent, stating that he was not defending him since he had done nothing wrong.

Mueller has targeted everyone who worked for Trump during the presidential campaign and those still working for him. Corey Lewandowski, a former campaign manager, is scheduled to appear before the Intelligence Committee on Thursday. The White House has yet to make any statement about Hicks’ testimony.