Hope Hicks, one of the longest aides to President Donald Trump, resigned as a communications director in the White House, the New York Times reported. Her prowess was admittedly recognized by her office residing next to the Oval Office. She had more access to the president’s office than any other member of staff.

Hope's involvement in the recent investigation

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House spokeswoman, claims Hope’s sudden departure was not related to the testimony she made on Tuesday to the Intelligence Committee. The communications director had been recently summoned regarding Russia’s involvement during the presidential elections.

During her eight-hour meeting with the House Intelligence Committee, Hicks claimed she occasionally told 'white lies' to protect the president but made it clear she did not lie about Russia’s involvement in the election.

Hicks has been working in the White House since the former director Anthony Scaramucci, got fired. She was among the first people to be employed by Trump during his campaign for the presidency. Hope approached the president and told him she needed to leave to explore other opportunities outside the White House. In his statement on Wednesday, Trump praised Hope as an outstanding employee. He also recognized her as an extraordinary person who will be greatly missed.

Life before the White House

Before she joined politics, Hicks worked for Ford agency as a model, campaigned for Ralph Lauren and also featured on a cover of a Gossip Girl Spin novel. The lawmakers claimed Hicks refused to answer questions concerning administration members from the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee which investigated Russia during the presidential election in 2016.

She also declined to discuss the statement she drafted in July 2017 misrepresenting a meeting held in July 2016 at Trump Tower. The meeting was attended by Donald Trump Jr, Trump associates, and Veselnitskaya-a Russian lawyer. Hicks had previously been caught in a controversy surrounding the former White House secretary staff Rob Porter whom she had been dating.

She defended him during a case concerning domestic abuse of his two wives. The Staff Secretary resigned after the incident.

John Kelly, the House Chief of Staff, commended Hicks for her contribution during the three years she worked for the White House. In his statement, Kelly praised Hicks saying since she took over from Anthony, she has stabilized the communication operation. Hicks expressed her gratitude to the president and thanked him for the chance to serve the White House. She wished him and his administration the very best as they continue to lead the country. Hope will be expected to leave the White House in few weeks.