After four months of court battles, Charles Manson's remains were handed over to his grandson on Monday. After Manson passed in November, different people have come forward claiming the notorious cult leader’s remains. There was Michael Channels, who collects serial killer's memorabilia. A musician from Los Angeles named Mathew Lentz, the musician claims Manson fathered him at a 1967 orgy. Michael Brunner who also claimed Mason was his father. And finally, Jason Freeman, a former mixed-martial arts fighter who claimed to be Manson’s grandson. Manson's body was stored on ice under a fake name in California coroner's office as the court decided who would get the remains.

Kern County Superior Court judge Alisa Knight listened to all four parties and finally settled on handing the body over to Freeman. Freeman was the only person who provided proof of his ties to Charles manson. According to the court papers, Lentz did not provide evidence of his relationship with Manson. Lentz was also adopted at one week, therefore, relinquishing all rights to Manson's body. Channels' claim was also rejected since it didn't comply with court rules, according to Knight.

The Manson family

Freeman is now responsible for burying his grandfather's body. According to the court documents, Freeman's claim was confirmed by a “next of kin research.” Freeman is the only son of Manson's son Charles Manson Jr.

from his marriage to Rosalie Willis. After the divorce of his parents, Charles changed his name to Charles Jay White. In June 1993, Charles took his life leaving his only son, Jason Freeman. Freeman told Rolling Stone that he had known Manson to be his grandfather since he was a kid. Though Freeman never got to meet his grandfather, the two would talk over the phone and with time developed a relationship.

Freeman claims he wanted to show his respects to his grandfather and his close friends. However, the court is yet to decide who takes possession of Manson's estate and is scheduled to hear arguments about the ownership.

Manson's victims

Charles Manson was serving a life sentence for killing actress pregnant Sharon Tate and six other individuals IN 1969.

News of the murders spread through the country and Mason became one of the terrifying criminals in U.S. history. After his arrest, his followers went into hiding. Manson died on Nov. 19 at the age of 83. Local officials did not know what to do with the body as there wasn't any record of family members.