Towards the end of the 1960s, Charles manson committed some of the most horrifying crimes that shocked the residents of Los Angeles and the nation as a whole. The dictatorial leader of the "Mansion family" died of natural causes on Sunday night, November 19, at the age of 83, according to the California Department of Corrections.

Charles Mansion unleashed a wave of killings that led to the death of seven people in the month of August 1969. This was done by his followers through his directives. These murderous acts landed them jail time in the California Department of Corrections.

He made headlines worldwide as a result of these murders. Manson was sentenced to nine life terms in prison as a result of these crimes. According to records, he was denied parole 12 times.

Dictatorial leader

The cult leader commanded a group of individuals who were highly obedient to his every word. Charles was dictatorial toward his "Manson Family" as it was referred to. It is believed that mansion didn't directly committed the murders but commanded his followers to do it. Manson had served 46 years in prison at the time of his death.

In the year 2012, he didn't attend the last hearing of his parole. According to records, his panel had only two people.

The killings began at the resident of actress Sharon Tate together with her husband Roman Polanski who was an accomplished movie director.

At the time of her killing, Tate was eight months' pregnant. Other victims who met their death as a result of Charles command were Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski, and the parents of Steve.

Nine life sentences

The attorney who represented him on the panel never met this notorious murderer. Many people questioned why he was not handed the death penalty as opposed to the nine Life Sentences that he got.

His trail and that of his culprits took a period of a seven-months.

Originally they were handed death sentences in 1971 but the death penalty was invalidated in California in 1972. This is what led to life imprisonment for their sentences. Charles Manson got nine life sentences as a result of nine lives he ordered his followers to cut short.

The killers committed the murders for a duration of two nights inflicting 169 stab wounds and a total of seven gunshot wounds to the victims. The scenes of the crimes were described as horrific. After killing their victims they used the blood to write the word "pig" on the walls of one home and at the front door of another unlucky victim. One of the reasons why Manson ordered the killings was to start a race war and in the process articulated that the Black Panthers would be blamed. This was according to an argument by one of the prosecutors in the case.