At a congressional rally in Pennsylvania for Republican Rick Saccone, Donald Trump told the audience he would "love to beat Oprah" in the 2020 presidential election. He predicted that the campaign process would be "a painful experience for her" because he knows her "weakness." Speculations started in January after the 63-year-old media mogul made a powerful and inspiring speech at the 75th Annual "Golden Globes" after she received the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Many described the speech as presidential and life-changing. It was powerful enough to get the #oprahforpresident2020 trending on Twitter.

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Oprah rules out running for president

The legendary talk-show host, in an interview with In Style in December 2017, said she's always known her capabilities and running for president is not something that interests her because she does not "have the DNA for politics. In another interview with The Wall Street Journal titled, "The Gospel According to Oprah," the multi-billionaire revealed she has received several calls from her peers offering to run her campaign and give it a billion dollar boost, but she declined because she does not want to spend her days creating policies. She shut down the rumors once more during a conversation at her live chat with Lin Manuel Miranda at the "Super Soul Conversations" in New York.

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In February, CBS aired a "60 Minutes" interview of Oprah and a panel of voters.

They discussed how the country was divided in opinion under the Donald Trump administration among other things. The president shared his disapproval of the interview in a tweet in which he called Oprah "insecure" and hoped that she "runs so she can be exposed and defeated just like all of the others!" While making an appearance on the "Ellen Show," she was asked to share her thoughts on the tweet.

Oprah said, "I don't like giving negativity power." When asked by Jimmy Kimmel if she would consider tweeting a response, she said, "Not a chance."

She admitted that his comments caused her to analyze the interview again in case he was right about something, "I went back and looked at the tape and I didn’t feel there was."

Social media reacts

Many took to social media to share their opinion on President Trump's statement about Oprah.

One person stated, "It's still stunning how Trump uses his spot to attack Oprah and Maxine Waters and white reporters are like 'nope, can't see any racism here.'"

More reactions are shared below.