After Laura Ingraham poked fun at Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg for not getting into the colleges of his choosing, the Fox News host was forced to apologize after backlash from advertisers. In response, Hogg wasn't impressed.

Hogg on Ingraham

Following the tragic mass shooting in Parkland, Florida last month, 17 innocent people were killed with many others left injured.

Since then, the debate over gun control and gun rights in the United States has taken center stage, with both sides of the issue making their case. As expected, the right-wing media have come out strong in opposition to gun control advocates, including speaking out against many of the students from Parkland who recently put together the "March for Our Lives" rally that resulted in over 800,000 people attending in Washington, D.C.

One conservative voice that has opposed the Parkland student activists has been Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who earlier this week mocked student David Hogg for not getting into many of the colleges he had applied to.

After a boycott put pressure on Ingraham's advertisers, she decided to issue an apology, but Hogg wasn't impressed. "I 100 percent agree an apology in an effort just to save your advertisers is not enough," Hogg said in response to Ingraham's remarks.

"I will only accept your apology only if you denounce the way your network has treated my friends and I in this fight," David Hogg added in his tweet.

"It’s time to love thy neighbor, not mudsling at children," he noted. In a follow-up tweet, Hogg concluded, "Focus less on fear and more on facts. Then we can save lives in this country together."

Twitter celebrates

In response to David Hogg's tweet, critics of Laura Ingraham and Fox News were pleased with his reaction. "Only way to shut them up is to hit them where it hurts, In their wallet, yes we have freedom of speech, but there are always consequences to that speech," one tweet read.

"When kids act like leaders, and leaders act like kids, you know change is coming," a Twitter user wrote. "STAY STRONG David, these people are monsters.

Seriously. My generation allowed them to fester and gain so much control by being complacent and not paying attention. I'm sorry. Please keep fighting, the future depends on it," another tweet added.

"We're behind you David..keep doing what you're doing and ignore the haters, they are not worth your time," a social media user wrote.

"Laura Ingraham is insincere at best, David. Wonder what her so-called 'apology' would have sounded like were it not Holy Week or if all of her sponsors had not just dropped her like the toxic waste she is," an additional tweet read.