Mike Isabella, known for competing on seasons 6 and 8 of Bravo's 'Top Chef,' is being accused of Sexual Harassment by his former employee Chloe Caras. Caras is suing Isabella, his company Mike Isabella Concepts, and his four business partners - Taha Ismail, Yohan Allender, George Pagonis, and Nicholas Pagonis - for an unspecified amount. This allegation comes in the wake of the Time's Up and #MeToo movements.

The allegations

Chloe Caras was the general manager of Mike Isabella concepts until December 2017. Caras alleges that Isabella and his partners called her female derogatory names, commented on the size of her bottom, and touched her without permission.

On the night of December 5, the situation reached a boiling point. Caras says that Isabella "appeared visibly intoxicated" and that he continued to say inappropriate remarks to Caras. When she asked him to stop, he got angry. Caras says that when she tried to leave, he continued to call Caras derogatory names, then fired her. Caras also alleges that throughout the time she worked for Isabella, she received multiple inappropriate text messages from her bosses via a text message group chat.

Isabella's response

Isabella, who is being represented by Bascietto & Bregman Law Firm, has denied all allegations against him saying that his company doesn't tolerate harassment and discrimination. His lawyers say that Caras worked for Isabella for years and never brought up the issue and that Caras wasn't actually fired; she "stormed off the job and refused to return, insisting she had been fired." His lawyers also say that 60 percent of the business's "management and leadership personnel" are women.

Isabella's lawyers also sent the Washington Post a list of women to contact about their experience working in the restaurant. Janelle Serianni, a general manager, said although Isabella and his partners do drink in the restaurants, she didn't witness "negative name-calling or touching." Dhiandra Olson, an assistant general manager, has worked for Isabella for five years and says she hasn't seen Isabella or his partners harass women, and that his restaurant is a "great environment to work in." Two anonymous male chefs who previously worked for Isabella claim they witnessed Isabella yelling at Caras and following her the night she was dismissed.

The chefs remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation.

Another accusation

Caras isn't the only former female employee accusing Isabella of wrongdoing. In a separate accusation, Sara Hancock said Isabella kissed her cheek in late December without permission, claiming he would make her a superstar. She immediately told her boyfriend about this kiss via text message on December 31, which she showed a reporter at the Washington Post.

Hancock says that working in the company is "degrading" for women and that the workplace felt like a "frat house."

Isabella's legacy

Isabella's culinary empire is worth $30 million. He currently has 11 restaurants in Washington, D.C. and the Virginia and Maryland suburbs. His restaurants have attracted high-profile clients including Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama. Isabella rose to fame in 2009 when he competed on season 6 of 'Top Chef" and finished in 7th place. Isabella returned to 'Top Chef' for season 8 and finished in 2nd.