Austin, Texas - The suspected serial bomber who took at least two lives has blown himself up with his own bombs after a hectic police chase, Fox News reports. The bomber who terrified citizens on the east side of Austin with parcel bombs and trip-wired explosives had been identified as a 24-year-old male.

Austin bomber fled from police

During the police chase, gunfire was exchanged. It is not yet known whether it was the bombs in the vehicle or the shots fired by the police that killed the suspected bomber. The Irish Mirror reported that one member of the SWAT team was blown back by the blast and was injured.

Police car chase along Interstate 35 motorway

The incident went down near Interstate 35 motorway in the suburb of Round Rock, just north of Austin, according to KVUE TV.

Fox quoted police as saying that they had hoped to engage in a non-violent way, but they were left with no choice. Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said, "However, we were not afforded that opportunity when he started to drive away."

Bomber is a 24-year-old male

It was reported by The Austin American-Statesman, that police tracked the suspected Austin serial bomber down using "cell phone triangulation technology" and footage from a surveillance camera when a fifth bomb was delivered to a FedEx store in Austin.

They tracked the man down to a hotel but he bolted to his car and the chase ensued.

Some outlets report that he crashed into a ditch before triggering the bomb. In a press conference, police said that the suspected serial bomber is a 24-year-old white man. It is not known at this time if he was acting alone.

Serial killer may be from Pflugerville

Fox7 report that police think the suspected serial bomber may be from the Austin suburb of Pflugerville - "where a suspicious package was found overnight."

Two people were killed in the spate of bombings

The Austin, Texas bomber took the lives of African-American Anthony House and teenager Draylen Mason.

Draylen's mom was injured. In another incident, a Hispanic woman was injured. Two people were injured when they triggered a trip wire. A FedEx employee was also injured by a bomb in San Antonio which had been placed on a conveyor belt.

ABC Action News reported from the scene that police and FBI officials were investigating the incident. The name of the 24-year-old suspected serial bomber who blew himself up in Austin has not been released, pending notification of his family.