While holding a law enforcement panel on the MS-13 gang, Donald Trump slipped in his demand for a southern border wall while calling for a government shutdown to get it done. The president's comments came just hours after sending out a warning about the DACA program on social media.

Trump on wall

The issue of immigration has been Donald Trump's number one talking point since the day he kicked off his campaign for president.

From calls for a border wall allegedly funded by Mexico, to the suggestion of mass deportation of 11 million undocumented immigrants, the former host of "The Apprentice" has not been shy about his position on the issue. With another government shutdown on the horizon as Republicans and Democrats debate over the DACA program and border security, Trump held a round-table discussion with law enforcement with the topic of the MS-13 gang.

As reported by ABC News on February 6, Donald Trump introduced members of law enforcement, including Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen and ICE Agent Angel Melendez.

"MS-13 recruits through our broken immigration system. Violating our borders and just comes right through whenever they wanna come through," Trump said, adding, "It's much tougher now since we've been here."

"We need much better border mechanisms and border security. We don't have the wall, we're never going to solve this problem," Donald Trump went on to say, while doubling down on the need to "strengthen our borders." Following up his comments, Trump said he would be open to another government shutdown to get his border wall.

"If we have to shut it down because the Democrats don't want safety...then shut it down. We'll go with another shutdown," he said.

Trump and DACA

Citing a controversial poll from the right-wing news outlet the Daily Caller, Donald Trump claimed that 70 percent of the country wants an immigration deal that includes both DACA and funding for a border wall during an early morning tweet.

Using the partisan poll, Trump tweeted " If (Democrats) oppose this deal, they aren't serious about DACA," before adding, "they just want open borders."

Shutdown questions

Whether or not the United States government shuts down for the second time in two months will be decided in less than two weeks as Democrats and Republicans debate the issue of funding the government.

While DACA hangs in the balance, only time will tell if Trump will get his pet project in the form of a border wall, or if Democrats are able to pull off a deal that removes the wall from discussion.