After yet another controversial statement from Donald Trump, it didn't take long before the White House was forced to defend the president. Following the best efforts of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, her response didn't go over well with critics.

Sanders on Trump

Over the weekend, many were still talking about the aftermath of Donald Trump's State of the Union address.

During his speech, opposition was clearly seen from Democrats, with many refusing to stand and clap for the commander in chief. In response, Trump accused those Democrats of being "Un-American" and committing "treason." In addition, the debate over government funding still looms large with a heavy focus on immigration reform, including the GOP's push for border security and the president's call to shut down the government if his border wall isn't approved.

While fielding questions from reporters on February 6 during the White House Press Briefing, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was forced to defend the president's call for a government shutdown.

"Look, the only people that have caused a shutdown are the Democrats who have repeatedly held the government hostage over their own politics," she said.

"The president isn't looking for this, but if the Democratic Party is gonna threaten a shutdown...then the president welcomes that fight," Sarah Sanders added.

When asked about Chief of Staff John Kelly's recent remarks suggesting that DREAMers were lazy, Sanders replied, "If anyone is lazy it's Democrats who aren't showing up to work." Not stopping there, the press secretary went on to blame the Obama administration for the current immigration issues. "The White House wants to fix a problem that was created by the previous administration," she said.

Instant backlash

After Sarah Huckabee Sanders failed to impress many with her excuses for Donald Trump, she quickly came under fire from critics of the president. "Thanks for the Space-X coverage! Only thing better: if (SHS) was on board," one tweet read.

"Sarah Huckabee Sanders literally unable to bring herself to say that treason is not a joking matter," an additional tweet added.

"(SHS) reading a letter to @POTUS from Natalie Clarksburg Dalton, 11, to kick off the press briefing. Natalie offered to cook dinner for the President, which is crazy considering that would require McDonald's to have taught an 11-year old how to make Big Mac sauce," tweeted out.

"Right now Sarah Huckabee Sanders is trying to spin this comment as a Democratic problem.

Now she's defending Kelly's comment that Dreamers are lazy. How DOES she live with herself?" a Twitter user wondered. "Wow, what a real horror it is to try to play a video of a rocket launch and then to hear (SHS) voice instead," yet another tweet stated.