As part of his attempt to help prevent mass shootings at schools around the country, Donald Trump is doubling down on his plan to allow teachers to carry guns. After his latest tweet on the subject, the president faced instant backlash.

Trump on Twitter

It was just two weeks ago when 19-year-old Nikolas Jacob Cruz walked into the halls of his former school of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and opened fire.

Over the course of the next 20 minutes, Cruz had killed 17 innocent people, while leaving many others injured in the process. As expected, the shooting caused increased debate about the issue of gun control, with those on the political right quick to push back against any regulation.

Donald Trump has come out in support of arming teachers who are qualified in an attempt to prevent another tragedy, even going as far as proposing financial bonuses for those who want to carry a gun. The opposition quickly hit back, causing an even greater divide among the American people on the issue of potential gun reform.

The response to the president's proposal resulted in Trump responding with a tweet on February 24 that reinforced his previous arguments and elaborated on his plan. "Armed Educators (and trusted people who work within a school) love our students and will protect them," Trump tweeted. "Very smart people. Must be firearms adept & have annual training.

Should get yearly bonus. Shootings will not happen again - a big & very inexpensive deterrent. Up to States," he added.

Twitter reaction

Within minutes of Donald Trump's tweet, those who oppose the current administration made sure to give their thoughts. "If your answer to gun violence is more guns then you're probably working for the people who make them.

You took more money from the NRA than any other politician in US history," Mikel Jollett tweeted out.

"You'll have to do better than that. Ban assault rifles now," a Twitter user wrote. "What a moron, percentage of teacher possibly shooting another student? Seriously, nobody NEEDS an AR-15 unless police or military," another tweet read.

"Someone Please Take This Idiot’s Phone!" yet another tweet stated.

"And who is supposed to be paying for all these guns for all these schools.. and where is all that money going?" an additional tweet wondered. "This is maybe the stupidest thing you’ve ever said, which is saying something," a social media user wrote.