First Lady Melania Trump typically keeps a low profile, especially when it comes to her presence on social media. After Melania sent out an innocent tweet about her recent visit with sick children, those who oppose the current administration decided to chime in.

Melania on Twitter

Ever since Donald Trump announced his campaign for president back in June 2015, many wondered what role Melania Trump would play moving forward.

After giving a controversial speech at the Republican National Convention, which she was found to have plagiarized from Michelle Obama, Melania has kept her distance from the national spotlight as much as possible. Despite this, Melania has recently found herself back in the spotlight due to the reported affairs of her husband. While this has taken place, Melania has put her focus in other areas, including visiting sick children around the country.

In a tweet sent out on February 22, Melania Trump posted about her experience visiting sick children at the National Institutes of Health. "Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting with some exceptionally strong children currently patients at NIH," Melania tweeted.

"Thank you The Children's Inn for all that your wonderful staff and facility do to help our children," the first lady concluded. While Melania's tweet was positive, it didn't stop many who oppose Donald Trump from using the opportunity to air their grievances.

Rapid reaction

Over the course of the next few hours, critics of Donald Trump decided to sound off on Melania Trump due to her husband's recent actions on a wide-range of issues.

"Your husband is NRA wh*re who took NRA Blood Money," one tweet read.

"Still with that admitted sexual abuser?

Wake up girl! You are embarrassing yourself and destroying your sons future," a follow-up tweet noted. "Yet your husband wants to decrease NIH funding," a Twitter user pointed out. "How do you sleep at night knowing what a monster your husband is? How much does he pay you? Is it worth the damage he is doing to your son?" an additional tweet asked.

"Donald Trump would change his opinion if his grand-kids went to school, without tax payer paid Secret Service protection, and there was a shooting and students were murdered," another Twitter user wrote. "Then influence the person you are married to about doing something real to keep students safe and not advocating for more guns," a social media user tweeted back.