Donald Trump is accusing Democrats of redrawing election lines in Pennsylvania and decided to elaborate further during his latest Twitter tirade. After sending out his tweet, the president got a reminder from his critics.

Trump on Gerrymandering

While most of the political headlines take place on a national level, the old saying of "all politics are local" remains true.

In the state of Pennsylvania, Democrats are expected to make big gains, especially after the state Supreme Court redrew the previous congressional map that was heavily in favor of Republicans to help even the scale, which in turn ends up in greater favor for the Democrats. As expected, Republicans were not happy, including a furious Donald Trump.

With seats in the House of Representatives up for grabs during the upcoming midterm elections, Pennsylvania is considered a state that Democrats must win to help regain the majority in the House.

In a tweet sent out on February 24, Donald Trump is calling for the issue to be taken to the United States Supreme Court. "Democrat judges have totally redrawn election lines in the great State Of Pennsylvania," Trump tweeted, while tagging Fox News in his post. "This is very unfair to Republicans and to our country as a whole," Trump continued, before concluding, "Must be appealed to the United States Supreme Court ASAP!"

Reality check

In response to Donald Trump's tweet about gerrymandering, those who oppose the president wasted no time giving him a quick reminder of his past.

"The gerrymandering of Republicans unfair districts brought this about you dithering dunce," one tweet read.

"No, you dumb SOB.

Republican charlatans drew unfair districts via gerrymandering. The judicial branch of government is doing its job of checks and balances against the republican sh*tshow. Just ST*U. Go play golf. Eat a cheeseburger. Read the Constitution (HA! You can't read)," a follow-up tweet noted. "This is undoing the gerrymandering done by Republicans. Heaven forbid it be a fair vote now. Republicans are just scared since it’s no longer rigged anymore," a Twitter user noted.

"The Supreme Court are the ones who said the Republican extreme gerrymandering was unconstitutional and were the ones who rejected the Republican redraw because they were still unconstitutionally drawn," yet another tweet stated. "The amount of whining because the PA GOP gerrymander was thrown out and replaced with a fair map is hilarious. Who are the snowflakes now?" a social media user wondered.