President Donald Trump and North Korea have been back and forth since Donald Trump's first few weeks in office. The military tension between the two world leaders reached an all new high after the recent president's State of the Union address. A large theme during the speech included Trump's comment, " regime has oppressed its own citizens more totally or brutally than the cruel dictatorship in North Korea." The world will continue to watch as things unfold moving forward and it will very much be determined by the political negotiations of North Korea, China, South Korea, and the United States.

Reasons for conflict

The United States has always had a negative view of North Korea ever since the Korean War. It accelerated ever since their former dictator Kim Jong-il died and passed down his power to Kim Jong-un. According to the 2015 Gallup's annual World Affair survey 87% of Americans have a negative view of the regime. The negative view is largely due to the current dictator Kim Jong-un, due to his enhanced research and development of nuclear weaponry. The regime has tested six different types of nuclear weapon developments, including long range missiles that are capable of hitting anywhere in the United States. North Korea over the years has continued to threaten the United States with this.

The threat does lie mostly at the feet of our allies in South Korea.

What would a war with North Korea look like?

If the United States engages in a war with the regime there would be serious changes to the United States' political agenda. The scariest question would be if nuclear weapons would come into play. The United States Secretary of Defense (Mattis) has made it clear that if Kim Jong-un makes any imminent nuclear threats, they would lead to the "total annihilation" of his regime.

So if there were to be any advance the United States would engage in advanced conventional warfare. The countries involved in this would obviously be the United States and North Korea. South Korea would also be in the battle, but, due to China's relationship with North Korea, they would most likely show strong support for the regime.

The reason being, the idea of the United States growing its presence in the pacific would threaten China's interest. Only time will tell how all of this unfolds moving forward.

What do you think of this continuing conflict? Do you think it will escalate moving forward?