After the now infamous Nunes memo was released on Friday, the consensus was that it was a major disappointment and revealed little new information. After Donald Trump Jr. decided to comment on the issue during an interview with Fox News, he was quickly mocked on social media.

Don Jr. on Nunes memo

The controversy surrounding the Nunes memo had been debated for weeks, with Republicans pushing for its release in the hopes that it would discredit the FBI and cast doubt on the Russian investigation.

On the flip side, Democrats claim that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes cherry picked information from his nine-month investigation in order to push his own agenda, with the FBI and Justice Department making similar claims. Following the memo's release, Donald Trump announced that he was vindicated despite the lack of evidence in the memo. The president's talking points were pushed once again during a February 3 interview with Donald Jr. on Fox News.

Joining Fox News host Jesse Waters on Saturday, Donald Trump Jr.

gloated about receiving revenge after the memo's release. "There is a little bit of sweet revenge in it for me and certainly probably the family," the younger Trump said. "Come to a conclusion already because you've been looking for two years, you've come up with nothing," Trump Jr. added.

Instant backlash

Following Donald Jr's remarks, critics quickly hit back.

"Proving every day, in every way, that there is absolutely ZERO separation between the first family's businesses and the White House of Horrors," one tweet read.

"It's as if a veil of stupidity covers the entire Trump family," a Twitter user stated, before adding, "Apparently none of them can read.

WHICH Part Jr? which part exonerates your daddy? You’re all so fake, just like daddy skipped serving in the military." "How? The memo has no credibility and missed wide of the mark," a follow-up tweet noted. "I mean God forbid we would track Russian spies and those who consort with them if it affects the royal family," yet another post read.


Fredo Don Jr. speaking out of turn again," an additional tweet noted. "The sweet revenge is going to come when he's in prison, most of us just don't call it that," a social media user wrote. As the backlash continued, the opposition to the entire Trump family and the Republican Party showed no signs of slowing down as the Russian investigation heats up.