The Big game this Sunday is one that many are expecting to translate to another ring for Tim Brady and Bill Belichick. But many Eagles fans are still eager to defend their beloved team. The problem with their defense is that the Eagles are just the inferior team. Tom Brady is going to be competing for his sixth Super Bowl ring, in four of those appearances he won game MVP, along with two MVP awards in the regular season. Eagles fans are relying on the idea of their powerful defense but as we know the Patriot's cannot be contained *cough last year's comeback cough*.

Rob Gronkowski may not be able to play due to the concussion protocol. While not having the best tight end ever on the field (Gronkowski) will be tough, as we have seen from last game, Danny Amendola can take the weight of team and get work done. With two touchdowns, 84 yards, and seven receptions Amendola had a fantastic performance in the AFC Championship that will carry over into this Sunday.


The Eagles have previously appeared in two unsuccessful Super Bowls while the Patriots are competing to tie the Steelers for the most Super Bowl wins. There is no pressure for the Patriots walking into this game. For them, it might as well be a mid-season Sunday game. Doug Pederson is a fantastic coach but is no match for Bill Belichick.

Even if the Eagles surprise us all with a lead, Tom Brady has generated around 54 comeback wins in his career, three of which were in a Super Bowl.


I predict that the Eagles will be a touchdown ahead at the half. At that time the Patriots will take the lead in the third and produce a two-touchdown lead. I predict a score of 31-17 Patriots.

The Patriots are going to come in slow and establish whether they are going to hit the running game hard, or if Tom Brady will take it to the air and pick apart the Eagle's defense. Gronkowski has a good chance at being the MVP if he is in the game — if not, it will be the usual Tom Brady or random character that was pivotal to their common Super Bowl comeback.

In conclusion

To all Eagles fans — you guys are going to lose this weekend, and honestly, as a Patriots fan, I am really looking forward to watching it. I hope that this time you can take it easy on your city because we all know you guys take your Eagles seriously. I respect the dedication and, most of the time, I will be on your side. But this year it will be against my team so good luck and maybe next time Philadelphia! And for the Patriots fans, take this all in because this is the last time we will see Belichick, McDaniels, and Patricia coaching together. So enjoy the game everyone.