Ever since the news broke that Donald Trump had ordered the Pentagon to throw a military parade in honor of his presidency, backlash quickly followed. The latest name to push back against Trump's decision is the man who reportedly killed Osama bin Laden.

Parade reaction

It's no secret that Donald Trump is an alleged supporter of the United States military and veterans. As have many other Republicans, Trump used the talking point in support of the military to help generate backing during his campaign, which he has continued to stand by since his election win in November 2016.

Despite Trump not making much progress for veterans and the military over the last year, the Washington Post reported last week that the president wants to hold a multi-million dollar military parade.

Military officials who heard the request during a recent meeting were flabbergasted, as the costs are projected to reach millions of dollars, with the Pentagon unsure as of press time how it would cover the expenses. Responding to the news in a tweet on Thursday morning was retired Navy SEAL Robert J.

O'Neill, the man who reportedly fired the fatal shots into former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, and he wasn't pleased with the idea of a parade.

"A military parade is third world bullsh*t," Robert O'Neill tweeted.

"We prepare. We deter. We fight. Stop this conversation," he added. O'Neill, who is politically conservative, recently had dinner at the White House with Donald Trump, but doesn't appear on board with his latest plan.

Instant backlash

At the White House on Wednesday, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Secretary of Defense Gen.

James "Mad Dog" Mattis confirmed the plans for a military parade, noting that they were in the "brainstorming" phase. Not stopping there, Mattis went on to defend Trump's request, claiming it would be done to honor the military by showing "affection and respect" for the troops.

Despite the defense from the White House, even some over on Fox News are not on board. Co-host of "Fox & Friends" Brian Kilmeade referred to the potential parade as a "waste of money," with fellow network host Shepard Smith ripping into Trump, suggesting he go play with toy soldiers instead. In an attempt to troll the president, the D.C. Council chimed in on their offical Twitter account on Wednesday, writing, "The DC government will open on time today. DC Public Schools will open on time today. Sadly, the Giant Tank Parade is cancelled. Permanently."